A funny thing happened on the way to this post

So, I’m driving home from my grandmother’s house on Saturday, which is important only because in a city not exactly known for colorful characters, unless you count the Cowboys. I see flashing lights at an intersection ahead and think, oh, dear, there’s been an accident.

But no. On the corner of a business/industrial thoroughfare, a police officer is interviewing a youngish man. I figure, he got pulled over, only I see no car. Also, I see no pants.

No, really. WHY?

No, really. WHY?

Me, to Mom: Is it just me, or is that guy not wearing pants?

Mom: No, that definitely looks like underwear.

Me: How am I going to live without knowing what’s going on here?

I have to say that, as guys in underwear go, it could have been a lot worse. I’m no connoisseur of underwear, but they, I guess, on the nicer end. So to speak. They were opaque, for one thing, and if this had been a magazine ad versus… whatever was going on there, it would only have been weird because he was wearing street clothes from the waist up.

As it was, it looked liked he hadn’t finished dressing, or possibly he’d lost his pants in some Mother’s Day Brunch incident, possibly mimosa related. (Thanks, @sarataylorwoods for the mimosa contribution.)

Red lights are only so long, so I take in as many details as I can: There are a couple of boxes on the corner. There’s a second cop, a motorcycle cop, interviewing someone else about 30 feet away, a tall, thin man with long, thin white hair and beard who looks like he smokes two packs of cigarettes and day and runs a pawn shop or possibly one of those electronics stores with the bars on the windows and doors.

What is going on here? Did this guy just take No Pants Day to the street? Was he hawking something (something other than the obvious assumption) without a license?  Maybe Underwear Guy’s girlfriend threw him out, pantsless, and he was trying to buy something shiny to get back in her good graces? And when he went into The Diamond Exchange, Two-Pack-A-Day was like, Dude. And Underwear-Guy is like, I have a shirt, give me some service, and Two-Pack is like, No Trousers, No Trade, and Underwear is like, Take all the stuff my GF tossed out along with my well-toned tush! Whatever! Just give me something to win her back, and Two-Pack is all 911 on his cotton-clad ass.

Some stories write themselves.

Actually, that’s not true. Developing a piece from idea to draft to story is a lot like growing a rosebush. It has to be fed and shaped and nurtured, occasionally pruned to let the best blooms show, all while keeping it looking like that happened naturally.

But then, yeah. There are also the weird scene on a street corner moments that aren’t going to go anywhere by themselves. Not every idea has roots, and that’s okay. To overextend the metaphor, those are the kinds of things that you press and keep safe until you find the perfect place for it.

So if you ever read in one of my books were a pants less guy is trying to get his hands on a diamond from a pawn-store-looking-guy who calls the cops on him?  You’ll know where it came from.

Spirit and Dust Contest

Next week (May 13th!) I’ll be celebrating the paperback release of Spirit and Dust!  It seems like the perfect time for an awesome, amazing, artistic contest!

That’s right. An artistic contest. This one is going to require some creativity.

What’s the mission, should I choose to accept it?

Create any type of Spirit and Dust inspired art or fiction and submit it by May 31st. It will be judged by a panel of a graphic artist, a young adult librarian, a reader/fan of the books (who won’t be able to enter, obviously), and of course, me. The winners will be announced by June 15th. The prizes are, as the MasterCard commercial says, priceless. Continue reading

Frozen Things

So. I finally saw Frozen. Now I know what all the fuss was about. My God, what a great movie. It had all the things. Elsa is so badass (this is my favorite word lately) and she just broke my heart, and then there was that song. So many feels. It was pretty much the exact same song as from Wicked, but I liked Frozen about a million times better, so that makes me happy. But I just fell in love with Anna.  I fell in love with both of them. I don’t know. It was just awesome to have a movie with two multifaceted female leads, and even though there was romance, it was turned on its head a little bit, and… I don’t know. I want to write books that are like that movie.

Frozen sisters

We are awesome.


Wait. I do, kind of. Or I try to. That’s what I’m going for. No wonder I liked the movie so much.

I also saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Also an awesome flick, in a totally different way. It might be my favorite of the stand alone Avenger movies. I don’t know. It’s a tough call.  Also, these two topics totally go together because Captain America was frozen in the 40s and thawed out to become an Avenger. See what I did there?

Captain America 2

This is my serious face.

Spring Spring Spring

In the spring I always get the urge to: 

  • Redecorate my house. 
  • Redesign my blog. 
  • Plant flowers. 
  • Ride a bike everywhere. (After I buy one.) 
  • Go to a farmer’s market.
  • Cook all organic fresh meals. (After I spend all my money on the bike and farmer’s market.)
  • Train my dog.
  • Dye my hair.
  • Sew adorable, quirky clothes that look I share a closet with Zooey Deschanel. (Because I certainly can’t afford to buy them. It’s expensive to look like you shop in a thrift store.)
  •  Learn the guitar.
  • Run around like Rapunzel after she gets out of the tower.

Which is weird, because I live where we don’t have an especially long or cold winter. Our winter weather is kind of on-again, off-again, so it’s not like I’ve been cooped up behind snowdrifts or anything. But real spring just feels different. I think it’s the daffodils and the tulips. 

Flowers and Bike

That’s why March is my favorite month, besides October. (October has the edge because its not a precursor to the summer heat.)  Despite the fact that weather is a roulette wheel. Despite the fact that it’s tornado season. Despite the fact that my roof is leaking again. 

ANyway. The only thing on that list I’ve done is change my color scheme. I never thought I’d get tired of pink and green, but I did. It wasn’t terribly gothic for a ghost story writer anyway. 

What do YOU like to do in the spring?  Tell me in the comments.  You can weigh in on whether I should keep the polka dots or get rid of them, too. 

An accidental romance novella

PassionatePersuasionSo hey!  I have a new release today.  It is a non-YA romance novella about a pair of college ex-sweethearts who are set up on a blind date by a well meaning friend. The problem is, he broke her heart back then, and he’s kind of making a mess of winning her back now.  It’s PG-13, lots of banter and lots of making out.  So if that’s your thing, it’s only 99 cents on all the normal e-book retailers.   (Novella means it’s short, and it’s available in e-book only.)

Here’s the novella on Goodreads.

You can buy it here:  Barnes and Noble — Amazon — Kobo 

Here’s the opening:

Eight years ago, Alex Drake broke Kiara Fredericks’ heart. Now here he was, walking into the Regis Pub like he owned it.

The pub, not her heart.

Though there was that, too. She hadn’t realized he still had a lien on even a small bit of cardiac real estate until she saw him across the crowded bar and felt the peculiar, particular pinch and twist under her left collarbone, the specter of young love rattling the chains of her heart.

This was not a promising start to the evening. For a lot of reasons, not least of which was the fact that Kiara was there to meet someone else.

Comment below to win a copy from the e-book retailer of your choice!  (Questions count as comments, so ask away.)

This is post is a bad idea…

I started to title this post “still writing” and then realized that, as a, you know, writer, the fact that I’m, you know, writing should be taken as read.  Then I realized how much I tweet and blog about watching TV and/or movies or going to Target or drinking coffee and eating pie, or my dog’s latest antics or my Mom’s latest adventures… So maybe that’s not as self-evident as I would hope.

The funny thing about writing (or maybe frustrating, I don’t know) is that it doesn’t always look like writing, except when it does. But that phase of writing is really boring to Tweet and/or blog about. If I Tweeted about the actual writing part of my writing, it would be nothing but “I need more coffee” and “My butt is numb.”  These things may be fascinating insights into the writer life, but (butt?) it would get redundant if I didn’t skip to the part where I take a break to go to Target and buy a bunch of stuff I didn’t plan on because… Target. 

I had a point when I started this, but I’ve been sitting here for ten minutes trying to remember what it was. SEE?  This is what happens.  I need more coffee. My butt is numb. 

Anyway. Here’s are a few news items:

MARCH 4th – I have an essay in a non-fiction companion book to DIVERGENT, just in time for the movie.  I talked about this book a few posts down–lots of smart articles that put this ultra-popular dystopian series into a real world context. (There’s a preview of my essay at that link.)

MARCH 10th – I will be speaking at the Euless (Texas) Public Library from 6 – 7pm. The subject is books and publishing and writing (I promise to talk about more interesting facets of writing than this blog post suggests.)

MARCH 10th – I have a romance novella released this day.  I know. Totally under the radar, right?  This novella, Passionate Persuasion, was part of an anthology that came out last year, and I’m excited that it’s being released on its own. It’s full of romance and fun and snappy repartee.  You can pre-order it now, but I will remind you all with a big deal and fanfare and stuff on the release day.  (It’s “adult” in the sense that the characters are in their twenties, but it’s not graphic as far as content.)

The Splendor Falls German Edition

The Splendor Falls German Edition

Oh, hey!  Look what I found on Amazon!  In August, The Splendor Falls is coming out in German!  (Anyone here read German? I don’t even know if the title is the same.)

Fun and Games

Things happening in the last two weeks:

* Total immersion in The Book That Is Still Not named. I love this part. I wish I could bottle this feeling of living huge book so that I could open it up earlier in the process. But then it wouldn’t be a process. Or at least not MY process.

* Stomach Virus That Was Not The Flu. I’m not a literalist about most things, except medical stuff. “Stomach Flu” is not a thing, because it’s not caused by the same virus. But now I get it. There’s those times when you spend 24-48 hours a feeling like an alien baby is going to burst out of your stomach, AND two more days with fever and headache, AND you can’t even focus your eyes on a book or the TV, “Stomach Bug” just doesn’t convey the same level of “My body is trying to kill me… For a week.”

What has not been happening the last two weeks:

Email. In the middle of all the above, I didn’t notice that I haven’t been getting mail from my readrosemary.com address. I’m working on it, but if you’ve been trying to get in touch with me, I haven’t left the Internet or anything. Leave a message here, @ me on Twitter (yes, I just used a symbol as a word), or message me on the Facebook Page.