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Writer Haikus

My morning in haiku.

Fresh hot coffee.
Dribbles inevitable
on white tee-shirt.

Brilliant idea
this late in manuscript
is not so brilliant.

Three dogs scratch at door.
To ignore means poop on floor.
Work paused, either way.

I look up one thing
Internet is so helpful
Look! There are LOLcats!

This tee-shirt is real.You can buy it if you haveMore money than sense.

This tee-shirt is real.
You can buy it if you have
More money than sense.

Puppies and Books and Babies, Oh My!

What I’ve been doing when I’m not writing (and rewriting and throwing out and writing again)…

Penny got a haircut.  She’s hard to snap a photo of because she’s never still.  But she was looking like a yeti, so it was time.

Penny's new haircut

More pomeranian, less yeti.

And speaking of babies…

Me and B.

Me and my new cousineice. (That’s a word, right?)

And no, I haven’t had a baby, but if I could mail order one like B. I totally would.  Or at least I’d think very seriously about it. She’s the sweetest thing. Okay, it might be a contest with her older sister, but it would be a close one.

Here’s an assorted list of reminders and stuff that’s coming up and what not:

This Thursday from 7:30 to 8:45, I’m speaking at the Arlington (Texas) Central Branch Library. It’s the Teen Creative Writing Club, and you don’t have to register. I’m talking about writing and stuff and I’ll probably read something from SPIRIT AND DUST. Here’s the website for more details.

And speaking of SPIRIT AND DUST, remember you can preorder it from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other online retailers. You can probably even pre-order it from your brick and mortar, too. (It seriously took me four tries to spell ‘mortar’ right. Five if you count “Mordor.”  Nerd, yes. Spelling champion, no.)

If you like to read grown up romance novels, you might want to grab DATE BY MISTAKE, available in e-book from all the e-book places (including Kindle, Nook, Kobo and iBooks).  It’s four novellas, including one  from yours truly.  It’s not a book for teens, unless you, like I was when I was 16, are already reading Harlequins and stuff.

Places I’m going to be this spring:

The Texas Librarian Conference in Fort Worth, April 24-27.

The RT Booklover’s Convention in Kansas City, May 1st-5th, but in particular the Teen Day on that Saturday.

More (Mordor?) to come soon. :-)

The Real Me

So, here’s a nugget of Real Life Info for you. Not only does my mother live with me (or me with her, depending on who you ask), but I rent my upstairs apartment to a nun.

Let’s just let that sink in for a minute.

I live with my mother and Maria Von Trapp.

Then there’s the dogs. I have one, Mom has two, Sister Maria Von Upstairs has one. All of them small and puffy, except Sister’s who is a twenty pound chihuahua rescue who was raised on nachos and lard, from all appearances.

Then there’s my crafty side, and I don’t mean sly. I bake, I knit, I sew. I’m polite, dutiful, tidy, I go to church, help old ladies across the street…

So, you’d be excused for thinking, from outward appearances, that I’m a future sweet spinster dog lady. Maybe not so future.crazy dog lady

Okay, it’s true I’m a nice, polite person who loves dogs and children. But I also love violent movies, racy novels, rock and roll and everything science fiction. I have a (small) tattoo. I am overly fond of the f-bomb when I’m with my friends, and the word ‘crap’ when I’m in public. (I try not to say it on school visits. I try.)

There is, however, no getting around the fact that I live with my mother (and a nun). So integrating The Good Girl with The Twenty-First Century girl is sometimes awkward.

Not long after mom moved in with me (or me with her), I was cleaning the kitchen and singing along to Ben Folds Five “Song for the Dumped.”  It’s a great song. But maybe not so much when you forget your mom has never heard you use a particular word in a particular phrase. (By now she’s heard me use that word a lot.)

Then there was the incident with The Tudors. There I was happily watching guilty pleasure TV, when Mom comes in the living room and asks if I’m watching porn.

Me: Oh My God NO!  And if I was, I wouldn’t be watching it in the living room! (Though she had a point. I’m thrilled see books into TV like True Blood and Game of Thrones but seriously. So. Much. Naked.)

It’s not so much that Mom (or anyone else) tells me what I can and can’t watch or listen to. It’s just that living with a parent is… inhibiting.

It’s also probably why I write YA. I have conversations like this all the time:

Mom: Is that what you’re wearing?

Me: No, it’s what I put on to annoy you before I put on what I’m wearing.


Me: *yawn*grumble*moan*

Mom: If you worked steadily instead of waiting until your assignment is due, you wouldn’t have to stay up so late to get it done.


Me: I’m going out tonight.

Mom: Text me when you get there. And before you start home. And at hourly intervals. And don’t ride in cars with strangers. Or boys. Or strange boys.

Hang on. There was a point to this story. Oh yeah…

So, this morning, I have the house to myself. No Sister Maria Von Trapp upstairs. Mom is off at a quilting bee or whatever. Just me and the dogs and the irresistible urge to dance around in my socks and underwear like Tom Cruise in Risky Business.

Or maybe I’ll sing along to songs in the key of F-bomb.

Or maybe I’ll watch historical costume porn.

Or maybe I’ll ride in cars with strange boys.

Or maybe I’ll sit here in my bathrobe and write a blog post about the things that I could do while I have the house to myself.

Texas Gothic in the Wild

I love it when people send me pictures of my book in the wild, whether it’s on a bookstore shelf, their desk, or wherever.  Especially when the picture includes an adorable dog.

@rclementmoore IT IS HERE, IT IS HERE! #papillonnotincluded on Twitpic
(pic from reader @Laurenisaguitar on Twitter)

Here’s another one! It’s becoming a meme!

(From Kari’s IMM post over on A Good Addiction)

It’s no secret I love dogs.  Here’s one of mine (sans book) to round things out:

Blog o Rama

Two blog posts in one week. OMG. Who is this writer?

I’m not the most prolific poster HERE lately, so you might want to know about the places where I’m a little more scheduled.

If you read and love YA, you should definitely check out YA Outside the Lines. Oh my gosh, so many YA authors! With so many in one place, it’s a great way to find an author you may not have heard of before, as well as catch up with some of your favorites (like me.)

If nothing else, you should go to my post from last week. (This month’s topic is “Outside the Lines” and it’s kind of fun to see how 20+ authors interpret that differently.) Along with revealing that I’ve ALWAYS been… um, particular about the way I like things, this is also the first place I’ve publicly posted the Paperback cover of The Splendor Falls.

I also post every Friday on the Genreality blog, which is a very cool writing related blog with authors of all different genres. (Urban Fantasy, Romance, Thriller, Young Adult and more.) It’s kind of cool to see how, no matter what you write, some of the same things apply.

And I’ll try and post here more regularly. I went straight from all that travel to dealing with my very sick puppy, but I’m trying to get back into a routine (ha!) for December. (What a great month to pick for that, huh? Holiday craziness!)

I saved the Lizzie update for last, because not EVERYONE is obsessed with my dog as I am: Whatever is messing up Lizzie’s nasal cavity, it’s not cancer. (Yay!) Unfortunately, they don’t know WHAT it is. Right now getting antibiotic shots to try and clear up her sinus infection. Daily! Poor wee puppy! And poor me, because I’ve been giving them to her, which isn’t difficult, except that it makes her yelp and cry. :-(

Poor Lizzie. We’ve been calling her Snuffleuffagus because of all the snot. She’s like a toddler with a terrible cold. But now that it’s getting a little better, she’s perking up considerably! If we can get this infection cleared up at least we’ll get back to some status quo.

Here are Lizzie (on the right) and Penny (left) hanging out with me in my office. (Lizzie always looks this serious in pictures. She was actually feeling decent this day. Note the lack of snot bubbles.)


Social Media Networking has ruined my Internet Social Life

Social Media Networking has taken all the fun out of my Internet social life.

I have been on the Internet since I had to dial up with my telephone. My BFF “from college?” We met on a writing bulletin board from three states apart. Before Internet dating became mainstream, I told people we went to school together because only freaks became friends with someone they’d only communicated with at 56 Kbit/s. (Look it up, kids)

Especially because I lived in rural Texas, I’ve always relied on the Internet to connect with like minded people–reader people, writer people, comic book people, fannish people. (This is not to say people don’t read in rural Texas, or even that they don’t read Science Fiction in rural Texas, but just… Well, the entire population of Refugio County could fit into Cowboys Stadium ten times.)

What I’m saying is, I was social on the Internet LONG before Facebook or Twitter. Even before MySpace or LiveJournal. I actually *remember* my computer telling me “You’ve Got Mail.” (I also rode a dinosaur to school.)

Now comes along Social Media Networking. It may surprise you to know, dear readers, that authors take *classes* in how to talk to you on the Internet. How it’s not enough to have a website. We need to have a Facebook and a Twitter platform, and provide Meaningful Content on a Regular Basis and Ohmygodthepressure!

I can’t just tell you that I celebrated with a vanilla latte because I made it through one day without having to clean up dog pee from my floor. (I didn’t think anything could be harder to house train than a Papillon until I got a Pomeranian.) Now I have to be Entertaining! Informative! Profound!

Talk about performance anxiety.

Twitter is easier, because it’s a smaller investment on both our parts. I angst less over whether you will consider my love of caramel frappuchinos a waste of 140 characters. But a whole blog on my frustration with the running toilet right next to my office? (No, really. I’ve changed the flapper like five times.) just doesn’t seem worth the click through on Google Reader.  (Um, it is, I promise. I’m hysterically funny when it comes to ranting about my plumbing.)

The thing is, I love the Internet, but I don’t like Networking. I like talking about movies and books and MY books and my dogs and coffee and my diet and how I hate to go to the gym but I have to because I love cheesecake. I might also mention Russell Crowe occasionally. And mixed in with that, I’ll tell you about whatever book I’ve got in the works.

So, I hearby declare myself done with Social Media Networking. I’m just going to go back to blogging and tweeting with my friends, colleagues, and most of all, readers.

In honor of that, here’s a picture of my dogs:

(If you want to see more of them, you can follow me on Twitter @rclementmoore. But don’t bother to friend me on Facebook. I still haven’t figured that one out.)

(I’ll still be doing iLessons on Thursdays. There’s an iLesson here, if you look for it.)