Free Online Class!

So, you’ve written a fabulous novel, you’ve revised it so that it sparkles. Your mother thinks it’s the best thing she’s ever read. Now how to convince the rest of the world of that fact?

This week I’m teaching a FREE class through Candace Haven’s Write Workshop. It’s an e-mail class and she’s had some fantastic instructors, from agents to editors to NY Times Bestselling authors. It would be worth signing up even if the workshop wasn’t free. Which it is!

You can sign up here.

Some of you have taken my query letter class before, but this week I will expand on that info so that it applies to in-person pitches, too. I’ll touch on the “thirty-second elevator pitch,” the sit down version, and a little bit of pitching etiquette. I’ll also talk about how to put these things on paper to make a winning query letter so that whether you’re pitching on paper or in person, your query/pitch will be your ticket in the door.

Here’s the “official” scoop on the class.

A targeted and polished query letter (and/or in-person pitch) is your ticket in the door of an editor or agent’s office. Learn how to make a pitch that will up your chances for a request and move your manuscript to the top of the stack. Get step-by-step instructions on how to target your book to the right editor or agent, write an irresistible query letter, and make sure you and your book say “we are an incredible, sellable package!”

Rosemary Clement-Moore went from “going to finish a book someday” to a multi-book, hardcover contract in less than five months. Her query letter got a 89% request rate, and acquired representation in less than six weeks. Whether this was beginner’s luck or simple brilliance, Rosemary is happy to share the secrets of her “instant” success (results not typical, your mileage may vary).

A recovering thespian and unrepentant book addict, Rosemary writes full time because she can work in her pajamas and doesn’t have to wear makeup. Her first book, Prom Dates from Hell, is a supernatural girl detective story for Young Adults of every age, is available now, with sequels scheduled for summer 08 and spring 09.