Weekend report

So, spent Saturday at Portus 08, a Harry Potter symposium by some very nice fans who take HP quite seriously, but not in a creepy way. As far as I know, there were no fist-fights over shipping wars or anything, though that would be kind of awesome, come to think of it. I think, though, that people are much more civilized about their disagreements, even their rabid ones, when face to face, without the annonymity of the internet.

Anyway. Did a reading in the morning, hung out with the awesome Rachel Caine and her husband, the also awesome Cat. Met Jim Dale, and was later shushed by the same (Not just me but… well, I’m chatty, and people kept wanting to record him saying stuff for their podcasts and stuff, so there was an inherent difficulty in my being stationed nearby for a booksigning, and I don’t mean to say he wasn’t completely charming).

But the truly awesome thing was to go to the masquerade ball in the evening. There were some really cool costumes! Not just Harry Potter stuff, but of course that was the theme. Seriously (Siriusly?) extravagant robes and gowns. And I swear this one guy looked so much like Cedric Diggory (from the movie) that it sort of freaked me out.

I felt slightly boring (but cute!) in my muggle dress at the ball, though I did trot out my Gryffindor tie for the daytime activities.

Then I came home and did nothing but read on Sunday. It was kind of nice. 🙂