Grumbles d’jour

I must be PMSy today, because despite my excitement at leaving for San Francisco in less than 48 hours, all I can really think about is how much I have to do, how I’m going to fit everything in my suitcase (since I don’t want to get dinged for too much carry on). My tourist clothes are negligible, except my athletic shoes for walking the streets of SF. (Huh. That doesn’t sound the way I meant it.) But a formal gown, party dress, business type clothes and the shoes to go with? Ugh. I think it would be easier if I wore “real” clothes more often. I have several outfits in the closet for when I need them (i.e., one booksigning outfit, one speaking at schools/libraries outfit, one little black dress that has seen every conference I’ve been to in the last three years.) but none of them coordinate in any kind of way that would make packing easier.

Anyway. Other things annoying me today:

1) The woman next to me on the eliptical machine at the gym was wearing so much perfume, I had to stop my workout because I couldn’t breathe. Now, I realize that I’m hyper-sensitive to perfumes used in detergent, air fresheners, scented candles, etc. But seriously? Who wears perfume to go to the gym? That’s just ridiculous, aside from being really fracking inconsiderate where people are breathing hard. The whole reason I go to a gym is because I can’t run outside without the polution triggering an asthma attack. I don’t need someone’s perfume doing the same thing indoors.

That happened to me at the grocery store the other day. I got in line behind someone whose perfume was so strong, it made my nose run from a good 10 feet away. There was still a cloud of it lingering when I go up to pay. I really don’t understand this. I know lots of people who wear perfume that I cannot smell at all unless I give them a hug, so I know it’s possible to put on scent without fumigating a 20 foot radius.

2) Technically this happened last night, but I’m bummed about Will going home on So You Think You Can Dance. I know Twitch has more charisma, but Will is just beautiful to watch dance. On the other hand, he’s the protege of Debbie Allen, so it’s not like his carreer won’t be going places without the show.

Anyway. I guess Twitch is now my favorite of the remaining guys, though I’ve really liked Joshua since the beginning. Neither of them is as good outside their genre, but I enjoy watching them. My favorite dancer of all of them is Katee, who has both technique and stage presence. I think she’ll outlast the other girls, but if it comes down to her and Twitch, I think Twitch will take it on charisma (and fan base). And that’ll be okay.

Oh, and I should mention, I’m not really bummed about Comfort’s departure. (I think that she performed very well since coming back, but just comparing her to the other girls, she’s the least strong dancer.) But I will say, though I didn’t love her dancing, I think she was a classy competitor and she impressed me with her grace and humor at being in the bottom every single week, which had to be rough.

I guess that’s it for grumbles. There was something else, but like usual, I get over most annoyances quickly. Except for the perfume thing, which is still making me steam.