Coming Soon… Hell Week!

So, my friend Candy’s book came out on Tuesday, which got me thinking that, you know, *I* have a book coming out at the end of the month. The weird thing about publishing is that you finish projects sometimes years before anyone ever gets to see them. It’s been almost two years since I finished working on Hell Week! So, I totally forget that with the exception of a couple of friends, my mother, my editor, and a few reviewers, no one has read HELL WEEK yet. So I need to generate some buzz, darn it.

Here are some of the reasons that HELL WEEK (Maggie Quinn: Girl vs. Evil BOOK TWO) is awesome:

1) Maggie Quinn goes to college, and of course it’s nothing like she expects. Don’t you hate it when you graduate from high school having achieve high honors, saved the world from demons, scored a date with the hot guy, and you feel on top of the world, and then you get to college and you realize you are back to being the littlest fish in the big pond.

2) Speaking of hot guys? Maggie gets some action in this book. I won’t say with whom.

3) Evil sorority girls. Don’t they look so Stepford?

4) Speaking of covers, check out this awesome cover quote! “When you need a Buffy fix, grab a copy of Hell Week. From danger to humor, romance to mystery, this book has it covered!” –Melissa Marr, author of the bestselling Wicked Lovely. (BTW: I know I’m pimping MY book here, but if you haven’t Wicked Lovely, you really really should. I *finally* read it just a few months ago, and found it to be wicked awesome.)

5) My first signing for this book is going to a big party with a cool raffle of something awesome. Mark your calendars for August 30th, from 2-4 PM at the Hurst Barnes and Noble (the new one across from North East Mall at the 820/183/121 junction).

Now, I know some of y’all live in Australia or out of suitcases in Wisconsin or where ever, and that’s no excuse. However, I understand that travel is expensive, so I’ll let you off the hook. If you send me your address to rosemary at readrosemary dot com, I will send you an autographed bookplate you can stick in the inside of the book.

Finally, when my computer is back up (sob!) and I can get to my webpage for updates, I’ll be GIVING AWAY a copy of HELL WEEK in a “Win it before you can buy it” contest. Watch for that next week and I’ll give you the details.