New Obsessions

I have a new obsession. I’ve discovered LUSH. Candy, Shannon and I stumbled across the store while in San Francisco, because there was a six foot tall man dressed as a fairy princess outside the door.

I’d heard of this stuff before, and I’d even been to the website. But with my super sensitive sniffer, I was leery of ordering products without smelling them first. With skin products–from makeup to soap to laundry detergent, it’s the chemically derived dyes, perfumes and preservatives that get me. So I’m I’m really in love with their hand and body creams though. No preservatives, nothing artificial. No animal products (not in the ones I got, anyway). I’m in love with Ocean Salt and Dream Cream.

And smelly stuff I can actually enjoy! I’m nuts about this Ceridwen’s Cauldron bath melt. Man, did my luggage smell great when I got home. (I did put it in a zip lock bag, because of the whole “melt” part.) And it made my skin so soft!

Granted, there are a lot of Lush products I would never be able to use. Too floral, too jasmine, too much patchouli. (Cannot do patchouli. I would make a lousy hippie.) Some were just too much scent, period. But the stuff I DID like… oh, wow.

I tried one of the bubble bars in the hotel, and it worked great. I couldn’t wait to get home and take more baths. See, I love to take baths, though I don’t very often because the master bath has one of those huge garden tub things, which I hate because it uses twice the water I need for a good soak. (Sigh. What’s the point of a ‘luxury’ tub if I won’t use it because it’s wasteful?)

So, I have a plan to set up the downstairs guest bath for my baths. Only I forgot what our last house guest discovered– that the tap isn’t working right! It only puts out hot water! It used to put out cold water, too, but not any more, damn it.

Grumble. So now I have all this bath stuff I can actually use, and I can’t take a bath. I guess that will motivate me to get the tap fixed before the next time I have someone over to stay. Anyone know a good plumber?

So, what about you guys? Are you a bath lover or strictly a shower person?