I went to brunch then bookstore browsing with my buddy Kristi today. I have this weird things where sometimes I get my friends’ names mixed up. I know that probably sounds awful, but here’s why: They all start with the same two sounds. And those two sounds are often designated by the same letters.

Consider, if you will, my BFFs of longest standing: Cheryl and Carole. Not identical, but similar. Add to that, my newer-but-equally-BF BFFs are named Candy and Shannon. Then there’s the aforementioned separated-at-birth friend Kristi, and the fact that my editor is named Krista, and it gets confusing in my brain. There’s this new girl at DFWWW (my critique group) whose name is Kristin, but I’ve decided I can’t be friends with her unless she changes her name. (Just kidding, Kristin.)

My first online writing group had two Kris’s: Senior and Junior. First boyfriend (lasting all of one recess period): Kiki (short for Christian. He was from South Africa.). Jr. High crush: Chris. Friends in college: Karen, Charlotte, Sheryl. (My sorority big-sis, Tish, only ENDED with a SH.)

Okay, maybe I’m just finding a pattern in all this only in hindsight. But there is weird synchronicity in life. Like the summer I worked at Shakespeare in the Park, and there were five guys named Steve, or the year I had crushes on five successive guys name Mark. Or the fact that I have bad luck with girls name Jennifer. (Not saying I haven’t known nice Jennifers, just that I have bad karma with some of them. Though this could be law of averages. There are a LOT of Jennifers in my generation.)

What about you guys? Any inexplicable patterns that keep popping up in your life? Any strange confluences of minor details?