Nice Surprises

I mentioned earlier that Tera Lynn Childs is giving a way a lot of books, including mine, as part of her Olympics Contest. Today is the day you can comment for a chance to win a copy of HELL WEEK, so go over here to her blog or here to her myspace to do so.

So here’s MY nice surprise today: Rain

Yes, with an exclamation mark. It’s raining here in Texas, and unlike other parts of the country, we’re glad for it. I am, anyway. Mid-summer always means blistering heat and dried up everything. The weird thing about Texas is that it often stays humid, even though you never get rain. Even this far from the Gulf, sometimes I go outside and wonder why it’s so darn sticky when we’re in the middle of a drought.

And of course, living in the metroplex, it’s even worse, because the concrete and dome of air pollution turns everything into a hot box. A poisonous hotbox.

But we’ve had a couple of days of actual rain, and get this–it’s not even supposed to get into the nineties today! Ahhh. Enjoy it while it lasts.