Random but facinating… With pictures!

One of my readers tagged me with this meme/quiz thing, and since she was nice enough to post her opinion of Prom Dates From Hell in her blog, I thought I would jump on board. (I suck at tagging people, though, so it likely dead ends here unless someone voluntarily posts their answers.)

What was I doing 10 years ago?
Working for peanuts (and not a lot of money) at the theatre, where I got to play Titania in overalls:

And also a dog named Sylvia:

And oh my gawd. My hair was so long!

What are five things on my to-do list today?
Edit, edit, blog, gym, edit. Clean my bathroom, but that’s been on the to-do list all week, and I expect it will be there tomorrow.

Oh, and do some stuff to get ready for the Booksigning on next Saturday! (August 30th, 2-4 PM, Hurst Barnes and Noble. Y’all know I”m going to be annoying as hell about that, right?)

Snacks I enjoy:
Popcorn, edamame , and oh my god, I can’t even keep these things in the house. The mango chutney flavor is like crack, I swear.

Oh, yeah, and pancakes. Or, you know. Any kind of bread.

Places I’ve lived:
North Texas, South Texas, and East Texas. Have only visited West.

Things I would do if I were a billionaire:
Travel all over the world.
Have a summer house and a winter house. And maybe one secret house that only I knew about. 🙂
Buy some congressmen to get them to support environmental issues.
And staff. I’d hire staff to do stuff for me.

And the people I’m tagging:
Heck, if you wanna play, go for it. Notice that I set the bar high with embarrassing pictures of my past!