Deleted Scene — Hell Week

It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve seen the movie. If you fall asleep with Aliens on the TV, you’re going to have some bizarre dreams.

Fox Movie Channel was running Aliens last night, and it was the version with the useless stuff they added back into pad the movie when the movie ran on broadcast or basic cable. They needed to make up for all the stuff they cut, of course. I have mixed feelings about that. On one hand: yay for extra Hicks, Hudson and Vasquez, even for just a few lines.

On the other hand, most of the time when stuff gets edited out, there’s a reason. Generally, when I look at the deleted scenes on the DVD, I can see why they left them out. Of course, there are always exceptions, but mostly it’s repetitive stuff, or filler that doesn’t serve the story or ramp up tension. Random bits of coolness that don’t go anywhere. Clunky dialogue or exposition.

Exactly the stuff that authors cut out of their manuscripts. I was whinging about cutting something out of Hell Week (a way awesome scene that went in the wrong direction) when my friend Shannon suggested I could always do a “deleted scene” section of the webpage. And suddenly, it became easier to cut. Maybe it’s the same for directors.

Anyway. In honor of HELL WEEK coming out TOMORROW, here’s a deleted scene. Not the one mentioned above, because that includes a MAJOR spoiler that is actually in the book. But here’s a taste of HW from the first draft (there may be typos) that was cut for redundancy, but is still pretty cool:

I was hard at work on Tuesday’s column when Instant Messenger pinged to let me know that Ov3rl0rdLi5a had logged on. I’d seen her [online] a couple of times since we talked on the phone, but hadn’t messaged her. I wasn’t sure how to go about it, whether I should apologize, when I didn’t really think I’d done anything wrong, or if I should just talk to her and pretend nothing had happened. After all, it wasn’t as if it were the first time we’d had that argument.

It was, however, the first time I’d admitted I didn’t really trust her anymore.

Even while I was thinking about it, a message window popped open.

Ov3rl0rdLi5a: How are things?

I stared at the three words a moment, then typed: That’s a very open ended question.

Ov3rl0rdLi5a: It’s a start.

With my fingers on the laptop keyboard, I could sense the tentativeness of that opening, the hopeful olive branch. It was unlike Lisa to extend herself first. That had always been my role.

MightyQuinn: I miss you, too.

Ov3rl0rdLi5a: Thanks. Silence for a few minutes. I didn’t sense anything in it. I don’t know if that meant I’d imagined the feeling earlier, or if she’d gone away. Then she typed again. So really. How are you?

MightyQuinn: Ghostwriting a column in the ESU paper. Photo credit on Friday. Maybe again on Tues. All A’s in classes. Lost 5 lbs.

Ov3rl0rdLi5a: So… good then.

MightyQuinn: Yeah. Freaky good.

Ov3rl0rdLi5a: You mean… freaky freaky?

I had to force myself to type it: Maybe.

A long pause. Then: You haven’t made any deals with any demons have you?

MightyQuinn: No!

Ov3rl0rdLi5a: Sorry. Bad joke.

MightyQuinn: Very. I stewed for awhile, and then forced myself to admit: Did join a sorority.

Ov3rl0rdLi5a: ROFLMAO

MightyQuinn: For the column. I’m undercover.

Ov3rl0rdLi5a: Wait. Serious?

MightyQuinn: Yes.

She didn’t answer, but my phone rang.


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