Consumerism, or, if I blog about it, can I write that purse off on my taxes?

Wow. I just LOST an entire day. How does that happen?

The booksigning on Saturday was Maaaahvelous. I had a great time, and the B&N at Hurst was awesome. They put me right up front, there was a poster with the new art–which attracted lots of attention.

Then afterward I grabbed some dinner with my girlfriends and then we went shopping. I was looking for a fall purse, and the only one that just made me keel over with wanting was out of my price range. Considering I still haven’t fixed the AC on my car, I would have a hard time justifying the price tag.

But not that hard a time. See:

Air Conditioner vs. Kate Spade Bag
A/C Purse
Texas is hotter than armpit of Hell I’ve already lasted since May
It will still be hot until October It’s September now
Will no longer arrive everywhere windblown and sweaty Will arrive everywhere stylishly accessorized
Will increase resale value of car Will increase shallow, consumer-based happiness
Will last until sale of car Classic shape will be in style forever
Can by 4 purses for price of 1 A/C
No A/C gets better gas mileage, better for the environment.
Don’t drive Jeep that much anyway.

I guess I’d better get to work, or I won’t be getting either.