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Fieldtrip to the 5 Randoms

The thing about a blog is that while you get the inner workings of my demented mind through my ramblings, if you want the answers to direct questions, you have to go to someone else’s blog. Check out the interview with yours truly at this charming blog called the 5 Randoms. I like how their posts are in the form of lists. I like lists.

So, in honor of the 5 Randoms blog, here are 5 Random things I’m happy about today:

1) Got over a big hump in the revisions of the southern gothic novel. (Seriously, I’ve been working in circles for days, and last night I finally moved on to the next chapter.)

2) A friend who I thought had dropped off the planet touched base in her LJ yesterday.

3) There was exactly enough cream for my second cup of coffee this morning, so I don’t have to go to the store until this afternoon.

4) Even thought we’re not done with the heat yet, I can feel the turn of the season coming in the cool damp of the air first thing in the morning.

5) Hell Week was on an end cap when I walked through B&N the other day. Right in the mail flow of traffic into the mall. Squee!

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