Monday (well, Sunday night sortta) Madness

It IS technically Monday. And I seriously need to go to bed, because I’m off to Dallas in the morning, to do stock signings at many many bookstores. And then if I’m not dead, I’m going to make my compatriots go with me to LUSH at North Park Mall. I’m going with Candace, and she’s nuts for all things Ed Hardy, and they’ve just opened an Ed Hardy store in North Park, so I predict she won’t be hard to convince. (I am more of an Anthropologie girl myself. Or would be, if I had all the money I wanted to spend on clothes. I would at least have a wardrobe full of their sweaters. But I like to shop and get ideas. I have this dream I will someday be caught up enough on stuff that I can sew some adorable Anthropologiesque clothes, and no one will know the differences. I actually rock a sewing machine, though you’d never know it, the way I dress.)

Where was I? Oh, yeah. Stock signings in Dallas.

The funny thing about Dallas and Fort Worth is, people who are not from around these parts always lump them together. “The DFW Metroplex.” And people who live in the MIDDLE lump them together, but really, it’s a huge big deal (in my head) to go to Dallas, like it’s the other end of the…

Oh my GOD, those IDIOTS across the street are dumping their beer bottle trash down the storm drain AGAIN! I swear before all that is holy one day I am going to catch them on camera and they are going to have a littering fine like you would not believe. These are the kids of the woman who runs her sprinkler for four hours, in the middle of the day, in the middle of a drought. Maybe I’ll document that, too.

Though if I haven’t documented the POT DEALING I suspect is going on over there, then I guess I’m never going to do anything. But you know, dealing pot stays over there. Well, except when their friends/customers drive their cars into the neighbor’s house. (Tried to find the link to that post. I need to make better tags or LJ needs a better search function.) But darn it, stop wrecking my environment, idjits.

Now I don’t really feel like writing about rampant brand name consumerism any more. Grump. Some people take all the fun out of things…

Have a good Monday, folks. Hope your days, and nights, are free of pot-smoking, littering idiots.