Yay for autumn

The irony of the first day of fall is this: It’s been cooler for the last week than it is already at 11 AM today. 😛 Predicted 90’s today, which isn’t all that odd for Texas in September. But ugh.

My office is weird. It’s always colder than the rest of the house in the winter (which doesn’t bother me that much, because I can bundle up) and in the summer it is significantly warmer. Which is a problem, because there’s only so far you can strip down and remain decent. I don’t need to garner a reputation with the FedEx guys.

It doesn’t help that I really dislike being warm, especially while I work. I’ll deal with it if I’m doing something outdoors, or rusticating for the weekend. I can read a book for pleasure, watch TV, whatever. But I have a terrible time concentrating when the room temperature is over 80 degrees. (The house thermostat is set at 78, but the office stays about 84 on a summer day.)

I think this has contributed to my funky work schedule, wherein I do most of my work at night. Part of it is the psychological freedom of the magic “after 10” hour, when everyone is asleep and the stores are closed and no one will call on the phone. But it’s also the one time during the summer that my office is the same temperature as the rest of the house.

So, anyway. Thank goodness for the laptop. I’m off to (my) Starbucks were it’s always freezing cold. I suspect this is to make people (like me) who come and work/talk/hang out buy more coffee. I have no problem with that.

Happy Autumn Equinox, everyone. 🙂