Where the magic happens

Last week, after I posted that I’d cleaned my office, someone (thank you, Rantie) asked where was the photographic evidence of said muck out. In on honor of this site I ran across (www.on-my-desk.com, and seriously how do those people keep their desks so neat?), I’m posting pics of my office. (Disclaimer. This is a week after the clean up. I think I’ve done pretty well keeping it up.)

So, here we go. My office, the annotated version. Because It’s funny how, when you look at your personal space through the eyes of a perfect stranger, you see how… kind of weird you might possibly be.

• Horses and ships. If you ever decide to send me an Xmas present… It’s sort of weird I don’t write about horses and ships, actually. Because that’s what I dig.

• Yes, I have a St. Nicholas out in September. It’s because… uh… He’s also the patron saint of sailors.

• Yes, those are THE shoes I got on super-duper sale. Yes, they are in my office so I can look at them whenever I want to. (I’m going to wear them to <a href="http://www.fencon.org">FenCon</a&gt;, by the way. So don’t look for the short person, because these shoes make me 10 feet tall.)

• Bottom shelves. Ugh. Repository of crap.

I don’t even know where to start on this one. Sweater I never wear in the summer because my office is always warm. Reading glasses–not because I’m OLD but because I stare at the screen for hours and hours (and sometimes even type). Water bottle, because one catastrophic spill is enough to learn me my lesson. And of course, the postie notes.

Oh, and one thing that does not show in the pictures is the October issue of TEEN VOGUE. (It’s actually just out of frame.) And why, you may ask, do you have a copy of TEEN VOGUE? (You know, because the broadsword and tiara will engender NO questions, I’m sure.) Because of this:

SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!!! That’s absolutely all I can say about that.