I’ll be headed to FenCon tomorrow, which is a terrifically fun SFF Convention in Dallas–Addison, actually. This will be my third year to go. They have some terrific guests this year. I’m especially looking forward to meeting Doris Egan. (If you’re a House, M.D. fan, she’s a producer for that show, as well as an author of a couple of books on my keeper shelf. The cover has come off Gate of Ivory.)

If you’ve never been to a con, this is a nice one for newbies or oldbies alike. There are some great guests, and because it’s not so huge, you never know who you’ll sit down next to in the bar. (But if it IS in the bar, it may well be me.) There’s also a strong music track, which I always say I’m going to go and enjoy, but am always so busy I just end up buying the Music GOH’s CD and wishing I’d seen them in person. (I like this years musical guest just from their name Three Weird Sisters.

Anyway. Here’s the whole schedule, and here’s what you really want to know. Where *I* will be. (Besides the bar):

Friday 8:00 PM Addison Lecture Hall
What Fuels Your Engine? (M)

Description: What do you put in the tank to keep you running at the keyboard/easel? What movies, music, books that might not be genre-related do you engage to keep the creative batteries charged?

Friday 10:00 PM Trinity 3
Liars Panel

Description: Round out your evening with tall tales from convention veterans. once the door closes, don’t believe anything you hear.

(I had so much fun on this one last year.)

Saturday 10:00 AM Oak Ballroom
Sci-Fi Channel Cage Match Round 2

Description: This is the channel that killed Harry Dresden and gave us wrestling and bad B-Movies. On the other hand, they’ve given us Eureka, and they show Doctor Who. We met in the ring last year, yet no winner was declared. Who will survive round 2?

Saturday 12:00 noon Addison Lecture Hall
Blended Genres

Description: Mixing “Gilligans Island” with “X-Files” might sound like a great idea…but does it always work? How can a writer successfully combine two or more established genres? When should they leave well enough alone?

Saturday 1:00 PM Pecan Room

Description: I’m giving away books and stuff, and reading from Highway to Hell, or possibly even the new gothic novel. The important thing is, it’ll be entertaining and possible profitable, because did I mention I was giving stuff away?


Saturday 6:00 PM Oak Ballroom
What the Heck Do Pirates have to do with SF?

Description: Why? Every convention does this as a theme. How did this happen, and how long will it take to die? Or will we still be singing pirate songs and wearing parrots in 2058?


Sunday 11:00 AM Addison Lecture Hall
How Faithful are Sidekicks? (M)

Description: What are the pros and cons of using sidekicks in stories? are they better left to the comic books or do they have a place in the traditional story? and what happens when they turn against you?


Sunday 12:00 noon Trinity 3

Description: All things Joss! Buffy, Firefly, Dr. Horrible, you name it, we got it!