October Catch up

I missed my Monday update due to a severe attack of lazy yesterday. Though to be honest, I really feel like I’ve missed the first part of this month, since I had my head down working on The Rewrites. So here’s the catch up post.

1) Law of diminishing returns. Speaking of my re-write-a-thon last week, there’s a point at which you’re better served sleeping than typing stuff that sounds great to your euphoric brain only to discover later that you weren’t actually writing in English.

2) FenCon. I hit "send" on The Rewrites at 2:30 PM, then got in the shower (you’re welcome) and was on my way to Dallas for the con by 3:30. I had a great time, but Friday afternoon/evening I was so tired (see above, re: Rewrites and Diminishing Returns), not to mention elated, that I was sort of punch-drunk. At one point, this involved a giggle-fit of such epic proportions that I just had to give up on coherency.

3) Relaxation. So I’m taking this week off, in theory. Of course, what I’m really doing is reading this ginormous stack of books that I’ve accumulated, ditto the beginning of the new television season. I also have this idea I might get back on track with my exercise regimen (heh). But mostly I’m sitting on the couch reading and watching TV. (It doesn’t help that I have had this sinus thing going on for weeks, and now that I’m not powering through, it’s sort of catching up with me. Yay for drugs, I guess.)

4) The New Book…. has a title! The Splendor Falls. It’s from a Tennyson poem. Probably a very obscure reference, so I will provide an handy link to the poem. It’s quite different from the Maggie books, but also sort of not. I mean, it’s still an RCM book, so it’s going to be smart and droll and there’s going to be magic and mystery. There’s even more romance, which was fun to do, and it’s not quite as LOL funny, though I think there’s still a lot of humor in it. You’ll be hearing more about it in the future.

5) Scotland. And oh yeah! I’m leaving for Scotland in 18 days. I’ve been so involved in getting the book done, it totally snuck up on me!