Houston is depressing and a Name Game

So, I’m down here in Houston, visiting Alexander Hamilton Middle School. (Shout out to random googlers.) Staying in a Holiday Inn Express, which is a new hotel for me. All I can say is, those loyalty programs did their job on this one. I wouldn’t have picked it otherwise. And I might have been a little closer to where I’m going. As it is, I’m by the airport, which would have been nice if I’d decided to fly. (Which I should have done.) But on the other hand, I got on the road much later than I intended, because UPS put my box on the wrong shelf in the truck. (Now, I love my boys in brown, who delivers my stuff in a careful, timely manner, except the one day I’m waiting on something to take out of town with me. *sigh*)

Anyway. I guess airport hotels are basically all alike. Business hotels are all alike, depending on how high or low end you go. This one is clean, neat, the breakfast is pretty good, and I have a surprisingly big fridge and a microwave, which would be awesome if I was going to be here a little while. I was thinking it might be overpriced, but I’m not used to traveling during the week. When I’m on a vacation, I pick small, local hotels, and when I’m on business, it’s usually a convention rate. So what do I know?

When I used to come to Houston from Victoria, most of what I did was either on the south side, or in the hospital area. Or we went to Galveston. 😦 Guys, the local news shocked me. The Hurricane damage really got preempted by the banking crises, and then the election, but it’s still really bad here. I was especially sad to hear about all the layoffs from UTMB. The damage to this university hospital on Galveston already forced them to halt a lot of programs in research and low income services. Now they’re laying off well over a thousand people. (Mom used to work for UTMB, in a satelite clinic.)

(The news is depressing all around. Good Morning America is talking about how no one is going to buy stuff for the holidays, or hiring extra workers for the holidays, or in general. Ugh. Such a vicious cycle.)

So for fun, a NAME GAME!

1) WItnesss PRotection Name: (Mother’s and father’s middle names)

Marrianne Wallace

2) NASCAR Name: (first name of your mother’s dad, father’s dad)

Eugene Robert. (Heh. This thing really works!))

3) STAR WARS name: (the first 2 letters of your last name, first 4 letters of you first name.)

Clrose or Morose (Bleh! Both of those are icky.)

4) DETECTIVE name: (favorite color, favorite animal)

Green Otter? (Uh, not so much.)

5) SOAP OPERA name: (middle name, city where you live) [note: Like frost_light, from whom I stole this, I’m changing this to the city where I was born.)

Anne Victoria

6) SUPERHERO name (second favorite color, favorite alcoholic drink, optional “the” at the beginning):

The Pink White Russian. (heh! The White Russian isn’t a bad name for a superhero.)

7) FLY name: (first 2 letters of first name, last 2 letters of your last name)


8) GANGSTA name (favorite ice cream flavor, favorite cookie)

Mint Chocolate Chip Snickerdoodle (Hee! Snickerdoodle!)

9. ROCK STAR NAME: (current pet’s name, current street name)

Lizzie Sublet (eh. Can’t use my last one, either, because that would be Lizzie State Highway 279)

10. PORN NAME: (1st pet, street you grew up on)

Vicky Pepperidge