San Antonio Rose

Just call me San Antonio Rose today… I’m here for the ALAN Conference, a conference on YA literature. It’s been fun so far, in that I’ve gotten to meet face to face some authors that I know online. I got kind of a late start this morning, so I’m missing some of the morning panels. There are some I’d like to see this afternoon. One thing it brings home to me, though, is how behind I am on my reading.

I’m on a panel tomorrow with Sarah Mlynowski, E. Lockhart and Mariah Fredericks: Love and other Four Letter Words. Great title. I hope I can say something insightful and pithy. I have definite ideas about what’s romantic, and what makes a good love story in a book, though that’s not the central element in the Maggie Quinn novels. Though relationships are important. Maggie is actually a good example of a young adult finding her place in the pattern of relationships that we have as adults: There’s our love of our family, romantic love, and the deep friendships we form. There’s betrayal, and trust issues, and the changing patterns as different types of relationships take precedence over the others.

I would go kind of fangirl over my company on the panel, but I’ve decided I need to be more professional. (We will not talk about the fangirl noise that escaped me when I met Rick Riordan last night. I was being very cool and composed, shook his hand, said how glad I was to meet him, and that I was a bit of a fan. Then I hear this girly “hee!” and realize it’s me! Oh well. Compared to some inarticulate blathering “conversations” I’ve had, I was a *paragon* of composure.)

It is funny, though, how many people I don’t recognize from their name but from their book title.

Anyway. I’m happy to be back in San Antonio. Someone remarked on it being a rather dated city, but I prefer “old fashioned.” As I’m sitting here, I realize there’s truth in that. The buildings downtown are all quite old. Even the newer restaurants along the river have the old facades. San Antonio was built up un the 50’s and it looks it. There’s a comfortable shabbiness about it that’s very South Texas. The outlying parts, where Fiesta Texas and SeaWorld are, are glossier. But even the touristy parts of downtown–the Market and the Riverwalk–are decades old. But I like it that way. It hasn’t changed much since my parents came here on their honeymoon, and… I don’t know. I like that. I don’t think things have to be reinvented just because they’re old.

But there is free internet downtown! That much has changed. 🙂

Almost done with my coffee, so I’d better get a move on my day!