This is very sad. I’ve started several blog posts, only to run out of steam on them because they seemed so inane.

So I’ve decided to post about the most inane thing imaginable. TV. You know one of my favorite show on TV right now? Well, not right now, because it’s on hiatus, but there was a Christmas episode on last Friday, which reminded me. Psych. It’s on USA, and I love it so much (plus I see ads for it ad nauseum, because I watch a lot of USA and SciFi Channel, which cross advertise) I’m always surprised when people haven’t seen in.

The premise is this slacker (James Roday) with a photographic, hyper-observant attention to detail fakes being a psychic so he can work with the police to solve crimes. Dule Hill is his sidekick, and the straight man of the duo. The comedic chemistry is perfect. The crimes are usually nothing too complex, but really it’s about the dynamic duo’s ridiculous investigative shenanagins. Quite possibly there are more intricately crafted things on TV, but what I love about Psych is that it invariably puts me in a good mood. There’s a lot to be said for that.

It’s sort of funny, though. The characters are supposed to be in their mid-twenties, I guess, but you can tell the writers are slightly older than that, because sometimes their pop culture references are little out of synch. Judging by Shawn’s youthful obsessions, he would have been a kid in the 80’s–an aware kid, I mean, more than a toddler.

Anyway. It starts back up in January (Friday nights), and when I looked up the website so I could link to it, I saw that the show is renewed for a fourth season. Yay! You can also watch full episodes online. (Wow. I’m pimping this show so thoroughly, you’d think I had stock in it or something.)

After my first new tv show frenzy, here are some of the other things I’m still watching: Fringe, House, Bones, Eli Stone (a new discovery for me), and the Mentalist, which ironically is like a serious version of Psych. (Ex-fake psychic helps the FBI solve crimes.)

What about you guys? What shows are you watching that no one else seems to know about?