Travel Time

I’m off to the airport in the morning, going to visit a friend out of state. Early enough that I *really* should be in bed by now. But I’ve always been a last minute packer. Actually, it’s not the packing, it’s all the squaring away of stuff before I leave. Making sure I have the files I need so I can work from the laptop, making sure I have itineraries and directions, gate information for me and my drivers. Packing the right clothes for the forecast weather, all the medicines I could possibly need (because they don’t have stores in Alabama), etc. etc.

It doesn’t help that, since I’m only gone for a few days, I’m right on the borderline of whether to check a bag or not. My clothes all fit into a carry on suitcase, but I still need to bring my laptop and manuscript (as well as a bunch of books). I could carry a tote instead of a purse, but really, the suitcase is too heavy for me to wrestle into the overhead bin. (It’s a leverage thing. I’m short, so I have to basically do a standing press, lift the thing all the way over my head, straight armed, to get it into the bin. Which I could do, if not for the aforementioned books.)

So anyway, I would check it without a thought if it weren’t for the extra $15. Which pisses me off to pay to check a bag that if I wasn’t a weakling, I could carry on with me. Grrrr.

I love to travel, but getting where you’re going (unless it’s part of the journey) is a pain.