Girlfriends and Geekery

Cool stuff on the Internet. If you’re shopping for a sff movie geek fan (like me) here’s a list of suggestions: Holiday Guide 2008: Best Movie Fan Gifts. My favorites: The Hellboy II BPRD Messenger Bag (because I can never have enough bags) and the Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Action Figure set. (Because I’m totally pretending that crystal skull movie never was made.)

I’m here with my girlfriend. We gabbed into the night just like the old days, and it was awesome. C. and I go way back. Way back to a time of few responsibilities and lots of freedom to write fanfiction during boring classes, stay up all night playing roleplaying games cards, discussing how we would save the galaxy world, and have long, leisurely shopping trips scouring used bookstores and toy shops for books and action figures collectible figurines.

Now we have jobs and spouses and responsibilities, but we’ve remained friends all these years, through some pretty crazy things. My visit this week is kind of a Christmas present to us both, since we just don’t have the luxury of getting together like we used to. (Now it’s not the travel expense, it’s the time!) Our interests have changed… Okay, not really, Now we discuss as-yet-unwritten books while getting manicures, and shop for action figures between window shopping for purses I can’t really afford (see above, re: I can never have enough bags). Anyway, we’ve grown up in the unavoidable ways, but I treasure the fact that our friendship incorporates the new us as well as the old us. And there’s nothing like someone who knows what a complete and absolute dork you can be, and loves you anyway.

Besides, we have to stay friends, because she knows where I’ve buried all the bodies.

What about you guys? Do you have a friendship that’s transformed with time and (relative) maturity?