The Internet is Weird

There’s a delightful reader’s group in Dallas that was kind enough to invite me to their Holiday Tea this weekend. I had a wonderful time. (Oh my gosh, delicious scones and clotted cream. Worth the drive in themselves, but the company was lovely as well.) But it’s funny, because I’m so use to readers with a lot of Internet savvy. YA readers, SFF readers… Well, I can’t even really limit that, because there are Romance-centric blogs like Dear Author and Smart Bitches Love Trashy Books as well.

Anyway. Several people at my table didn’t know what Twitter was, and I can’t completely blame them. It’s hard to explain to someone who doesn’t basically live connected to the Internet, whether their phone or their computer. Personally, I love microblogging. Its perfect for those short random thoughts that you don’t want to make a whole blog post about. I don’t feel like i have to come up with a BIG IDEA to blog about. Piddly little ideas will do. Then periodically they’re accumulated into a blog post, which is great. But I don’t feel like I’ve Spammed my friends list with my often banal ramblings.

Mostly I LIKE reading people’s random thoughts during the day. Except… I have one person on my following list who… Okay. Friday, when I woke up from my post Dramamine coma (I don’t fly well), 22 of the 40 most recent posts were from one person. I wouldn’t mind, really, except that it pushes everyone else off the page.

This Social Media Networking thing has made etiquette a very complicated thing. For instance, on MySpace I frequently get friend requests from people who are simply building a mailing list. I frequently get comments like this: "Happy Thanksgiving! Don’t forget to go buy my book!" Even more annoying are the ones that pretend to know me. "Hi! Hope you’re doing well since we last chatted. My new book comes out on Friday!" Grumble. If you’re ever wondering why I don’t make more use out of the bulletin and event features on MySpace, now you know why. I hate feeling spammed, so I’m hyper-sensitive about not doing it to other people. Which is stupid, because there ARE people (waving) who friend me because they’ve actually read and enjoyed my books!

Or possibly my banal ramblings on this blog. 🙂

(By the way. If you want to follow me on Twitter you can find me here.)

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  1. There is nothing more exciting than following the thoughts of many people all day long. Yet trying to explain that to those that don’t understand is very hard. Keep up the good work! By the way have your read my last book… Just kidding–for now! *hehe*Fred


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