The Year in Review. (Original title is… SO not original.)

I guess December 31st is a day for reflection, but

Moved into my new office, with my lovely new furniture.
Played a lot of Rock Band (in the first part of the year)
I voted in the Democratic primary for the first time in my life. (I’ve voted democrat before, but never in the primary.)
Prom Dates From Hell came out in paperback.
Wrote a new book. Then wrote it again in the revision process.
Went on an actual vacation.
MY Starbucks closed. And I have not gelled with any of the other three within 3 miles of my house.
When to San Francisco for the RWA Conference, where I was a finalist for the RITA award.
Hell Week came out in August.
Cleaned my office and found lots of stuff. Photographic proof of cleaning.
Did lots of random stuff in October.
Let Twitter do a LOT of my posting for me! Yay for microblogging!

Also, judging by my tags, I watched a lot of movies and did a lot of quizzes and memes

It was kind of fun to review my year via the blog!  On the whole, it was a very mixed year.  Lots of shake up, some real crappy things, but some exciting things, too, that give me hope that 2009 will be a time of change.