Synchronize Your Calendars, Folks…

I know that y’all are all going to plan your years around mine, but I’m going to some new and different cons this year (Well, a few) so I thought I’d post what I’ve got upcoming.

Book releases
March 10 — Highway to Hell (Maggie Quinn, book 3–a.k.a Maggie and Lise vs. El Chupacabra.)
Booksigning: March 14 at the B&N in Hurst (More to come!)

September 8 — The Splendor Falls (Ghosts, magic, romance… Y’all are going to love this one.)
AND Hell Week comes out in trade paperback. (So those of you who are cheap (like me) can get your copies.)
Booksigning: September 12 at the B&N in Hurst (There will be more, don’t worry!)

SFF Cons
ConDFW in Dallas (February 20-22) — I am not a guest or panelist… which means that you should look for me in the bar.

NorWesCon in Seattle (April 9-12). I’m so excited to get to see Seattle.

Conestoga in Tulsa (April 24-26).

SoonerCon in OK City (June 5-7). This will double the times that I’ve been to Oklahoma. (Not counting the time I went too far up 75 on my way to Sherman and accidentally crossed the Red River.)

ApolloCon in Houston (June 26-28).

FenCon… in Dallas (Addison, really) (September 18-20)

Writing Conferences and Classes

DFW Writer’s Conference (May 1-3). Workshops, agent appointments, and bestselling thriller novelist as keynote speaker. This is going to be awesome. I’m not sure there’s anything like it in North Texas.

More to be announced. 🙂

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  1. Woohoo! I’m so going to be there for the book signing. Great feeling all around being around people who love the same stuff. Candy’s was my first and it was a great experience. Plus, I totally have to have you sign the book!I’ll be at DFW Writer’s Con as well, yay! I’m contemplating FenCon, it just depends. I’m going to be attending the NW/NE Chapter SCBWI Writer’s Conference Oct. 24 in Arlington so it all depend son how much doe I have. Maybe if I get an agent and like, an editor before, I’ll be set, woot! 😛


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