Domestic Territorialism

I am simply not cut out for co-habitation.

The way Chez C-M is set up, Mom has her “Mother-In-Law” suite at one side of downstairs. Mr. RCM’s lair is upstairs, in our… almost an apartment, to be honest. If the wet bar was well stocked, he would never have to come downstairs. I’m between the two, because my office is downstairs, which really means I have no private space. My office used to be in a room sort of tucked away, but I gave it up to Mom for a sewing room when she retired/disabilitated. Now I’m right in the front of the house, right off the living room.

On one hand, the ‘public’ areas of the house are ‘mine’ and usually I get dibs on the big screen TV. On the other… they’re the public areas of the house. I clean up the kitchen, people come and mess it up. I’m downstairs so I can hear Mom if she needs me… but on the other hand, I hear Mom even when she doesn’t need me.

And she hears me. The thing is, sometimes you just need to be in a bad moon for a few minutes. Maybe it’s PMS, or a scene isn’t going well, or someone said something mean about your book on the Internet, or your husband hasn’t called a plumber* to fix YOUR bathroom, which isn’t really yours, because it’s technically the guest bath, and everyone uses it, even though you don’t use theirs, MOM. Uh… what was I saying?

Anyway. I’m moody, but the nice thing is, I get over it fast. I stomp around, I clean the kitchen, I feel better. Mom doesn’t get this. My bad moods make HER feel guilty/depressed/anxious (have I mentioned I get 99.9% of my neuroses very honestly?) only she doesn’t bounce back from them like I do. So now I’m fine, and she’s fretting that living with me is making me grumpy/cranky.**

So now would not be the time to mention that her laundry determent is making my eyes water and my nose itch. *sigh* I get that some people like their clothes to smell pretty. But why put so much perfume in the products that if fumigates the whole house? WHY? Curse you TIDE Mountain Fresh Spring Lavender. And curse you, super-sniffer nose. Why must you make my life more difficult.

Maybe she would feel better if I told her that Mr. RCM bought a soap for HIS bathroom that makes me nauseous. (Note that “his” bathroom is our master bathroom, and I bought soap for it, but he didn’t like it and bought his own. So… see what I mean about territory?)

Would a closing zinger about scent marking be too obvious?

Anyway. Mom, if you read this… I’m just territorial and grumpy in general. Comes with the super-sniffer, I guess. Love you, love Mr. RCM (to whom, if YOU read this, I will say, the old soap is in the cabinet under the sink if you want to go back to it. Just saying. Oh, and I called a plumber***, so… problem solved.)

*Mr. RCM cannot spend money without doing a full cost/benefit analysis. He wanted to get multiple recommendations for a plumber and, I don’t know, make a spread sheet or something, but he’s been slammed at work. I feel it’s important to point that out… Because I love him, and because it’s not like MY dialing finger is broken, but mostly because his mother reads this blog.

**The point of this post, Mom, is that living with ANYONE makes me grumpy sometimes.

***Should I tell him I just pointed randomly to a number in the phone book? Would that be needlessly cruel to tease him?

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  1. Aw, Rosemary, poor thing lol. I hear ya though. And the plumber issue is just hilarious to me. Sorry lol…perhaps in time it’ll be more comedic than irritating to you ;)And I have no privacy in this house. Sometimes I even have an audience in places I shouldn’t, thanks to my 3 year old daughter. *le sigh*


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