Tiara of the Day

I want to say something profound about Martin Luther King Day, or the inauguration tomorrow, and all my profundity is used up.

But on the subject of doing good for someone, check this out. Meg Cabot’s last "Princess Diaries" book brings the series to a close and to commemorate it, Cabot has organized an auction of celebrity designed tiaras. The proceeds go to the NY Public Library’s teen programs.

Some are gorgeous, some are quirky. My favorite is the one designed by Cabot herself. It’s just lovely on its own, even without the fitting connection to the books.

I occasionally joke about the thing with similar book titles (Prom Dates/Nights From Hell), and the weird synchronicity that Maggie Quinn’s high school shares the name of the titular school of Cabot’s Avalon High. The title thing happens because books are named long before they come out. And the high school’s name… Well, it’s the name of Maggie’s town. It’s the only similarity, so it never crossed my mind. Of course, the irony is, I when I finally did read Avalon High (well after Prom Dates had been turned in), I discovered AH might be my favorite of Cabot’s books.

Anyway. I had a point to this post. Oh, yeah. Between this auction, and "Mia’s" romance novel (proceeds go to charity), and the promotion she does for Greenpeace and other causes on her website, I think Cabot is pretty darn cool. Her heroines are smart and self-reliant (like Maggie) and I think it’s awesome that an author with so many impressionable young readers (and not so young readers) sets not just a fictional good example, but a personal one.