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Ballet Babble… with Tutus!

As you’ll be hearing soon–a lot–my protagonist in The Splendor Falls is a ballerina. I’ve been collecting interesting ballet stuff that comes across my stream of consciousness. Thought I’d share this article from The Guardian about tutus… Making them, storing them, and wearing them.

And here are some very awesome pictures from the San Francisco Ballet. Somehow I ended up with a ballerina from there following me (I think it was a robo-add, because it happened about 30-seconds after I mentioned “Superstars of Dance”–she was the Russian solo representative. That’s actually her in the photo below.) But the cool part is, the tweets usually lead to cool pictures sometimes right when I need a little inspiration. (As in, great scott, Sylvie must be really limber. :)) (Below image is copyright Kurt Rogers/The Chronicle. The link above has more.)

2 thoughts on “Ballet Babble… with Tutus!”

  1. They are definitely awesome. (My books, I mean, though I am, I admit, somewhat biased.) Two new ones coming out this year. Maybe I’ll see you around NTRWA. I’m hoping to get there more this year. Not off to a great start, though. 😦


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