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Highway to Hell on a Monday Morning

Coolness. I found the text of the VOYA review of Highway to Hell (which, just as a reminder, comes out MARCH 10… oh my GOD! That’s only four weeks from now. I stink at promotion. I really do.)… Okay, where was I? Oh yeah. Here’s what VOYA had to say. It’s mostly recap of the book, but in a positive light.

The mysterious forces of Good and Evil come together for another throwdown and it’s a lucky thing that Maggie is leading Team Good. The college freshman and her best friend, Lisa, are working on a new rite of passage into adulthood with a road trip to a beach for spring break. On the way to South Padre Island, the girls hit literal and metaphysical obstacles that prevent them from leaving Dulcina, a little town in the middle of nowhere Texas. Something is killing the livestock. A small faction says coyote have been driven to kill bigger prey than usual, but a more vocal group is naming it el chupacabra. Lisa’s potential crush, Zeke Velasquez, might belong to the most powerful family of Velasquez County, but his refusal to consider a supernatural predator may be endangering everyone. Soon Justin arrives bringing his best friend and future priest, Henry, to even the odds of survival for the side of Good. Using local mojo, religious faith, and Maggie’s gifts, the Evil One should be headed down for the count. As Maggie’s abilities develop, the opposing forces also seem to be getting stronger. It is great to witness her confidence grow, sending a subtle message to the reader about the strength of believing in oneself. Although there is more action, adventure, and suspense than in the two previous books about Maggie Quinn, the friendships and budding romances remain equally important. It is difficult to imagine teens who have enjoyed Charmed, Buffy, or the Twilight books not loving this series*. Reviewer: Stacey Hayman

* From your mouth to God’s ear, Stacey. Thanks! 😀

And a little vanity Googling turned up this truly thrilling review of both Hell Week and Highway to Hell from a new reviewer on The Well Read Child. The interesting thing about reviewers, especially bloggers (as opposed to the big magazines, which spend a lot of their column inches going over plot points) is what people key in on. Because the Good vs. Evil takes a big turn here with the introdution of some Big Cosmic Bad and a character who is actually religious (as opposed to Maggie, who is faithful, but not particularly religious), I was interested to see what people think about that. (Also, I loved showing that Justin has an anti-Lisa in his life in the form of his BFF Henry. Do boys have BFFs?)

Excerpt (click here for the full review):
With their fast-paced action, sharp tongues, and quick wit, Maggie and her friends are a great match for any teenage Buffy fans in your life. They potentially have some appeal to readers of the Twilight books – but you might want to make it clear that if Maggie Quinn runs into a vampire in her biology class, that vampire’s going to have a stake through his heart sooner than he can say "I’m madly in love with you!"* The teen-friendly covers make these books a pretty easy sell, but it’s the bitingly funny characters and their smart take on some implausible situations that will keep readers coming back. (reviewed by Laura Koenig. Thank you!)

*Snicker. It’s true Maggie wouldn’t have much patience with the brooding undead.

On a side note, I’ve discovered that Highway to Hell is not an easy thing to Google. You come up with a bazillion hits, all to the AC/DC song. So if you google it, make sure you put "book" in the search line.

Happy Monday everyone!

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