Highway to Hell

Have books, will travel

This morning I went to speak to a junior high group up in Lewisville (which is only "up" in the sense that it’s north of where I live, which is the SOUTH part of the metroplex.). I really do enjoy talking to (receptive) students. It’s sort of hellish when they’re required to be there, and you can tell they don’t give a crap about what you have to say. I start to flashback to my own school days when that happens, to that awful feeling of being looked down on, seen for the dork I am…

Who am I fooling. I feel like that no matter where I go. 🙂 I wonder if there’s ever a point when you DON’T secretly worry people are going to see through the facade to the dork beneath. Maybe that’s why I out myself for being a nerd right away, sometimes more quickly than necessary. Because people are going to figure it out anyway, so I might as well own it.

Weirdly random– There’s a herd of buffalo in the pasture near the school. Livestock in the middle of town is actually not that weird where I’m from. We used to stop to pet the horses on our way to elementary school. But buffalo? Random.

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