Wednesday Rebound

I will spare you the snotty details, but I think my cold may be getting better. Of course, I’ve probably jinxed myself saying that. But one of the joys of living with your mother is that she says things like "You can’t go to writers group tonight if you’re still feeling bad." Ergo, I am feeling much better.

I’m also heading out to buy Jennifer Echol’s new book Going Too Far. I love Jennifer’s previous two books (for Simon Pulse Romantic Comedies, a line which rarely fails to give me an afternoon of lighthearted pleasure), and can’t wait to read this one.

And since I must turn this post around to be about me me me again, here’s an excerpt from this great review for Highway to Hell. Since I busted my butt to get the magic system to seem right in this book, I was delighted that School Library Journal mentioned it!

Maggie and Lisa are highly likable and genuine college freshmen, and when they spring into action against the terrifying creature, the adventure really takes off. The background information on the evil being is logical and believable, and the two belief systems of Catholicism and Hispanic magical culture sustain a respectful coexistence. This story flows quickly with thrills, chills, and a first-rate mystery.

Don’t forget– I know some of you are having to order a copy of Highway from your bookstore. E-mail me and I’ll send you a signed bookplate for the front of your book!