LIfe Before the Hyphen

Der… I am so behind on stuff. At dinner last night, Candy said: Are you ever going to post the last day of the class you’re teaching for me? (A fabulous and free online workshop–new classes every month. Click here to sign up.) Me: *blank stare* You mean, I didn’t do that yet?

Oops. Posting that, then diving into copy edits on The Splendor Falls. It’s weird to have a book coming out so close to another one (Highway to Hell now, and TSF in September). But exciting!

Here’s something else I missed. Tera Lynn Childs, who wrote Oh. My. Gods., and the forthcoming sequel Goddess Bootcamp, about a girl who discovers she’s a descendant of Nike (the Greek goddess of victory, not the shoe). Delightful books, fun heroine, great concept. Can’t have enough Greek mythology books in the world to suit me.

Anyway. She’s interviewing authors about their Life Before Publication. This was fun, because the questions were new and different. Want to find out more about my life before I was Rosemary Clement-Moore? (Life before the hyphen! Hee!) Click here: Rosemary’s Prologue.

3 thoughts on “LIfe Before the Hyphen”

  1. Rosemary, Have you read the Olympians series by Rick Riordan? They’re amazingly good! It’s about all these “half-blood” children of Olypians, and follows Percy Jackson, the son of…well that would ruin the story!You should definitely check them out!Also, I just finished reading Highway to Hell a few minutes ago. I LOVED it!! Can’t wait for Splendor Falls!!


  2. I LOVE the Percy Jackson series! I contributed an essay to an “unauthorized guide”for Teen Libris books. I’m a book behind, but I love those. (I’m a Rick Riordan fangirl, actually.) I’m so glad you enjoyed H2H! I love that book. (I mean, if I do say so myself. Ahem.)


  3. Hey, Rosemary! Thanks for leaving a comment on the Library Ninja blog (Arlington Public Library's teen blog). I was at the Hurst B&N signing with my sister. I haven't yet hidden all your books behind a black curtain that's wafting with eerie smoke, but I'm still thinking about it. =)Happy writing!


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