The joy of commas

Plugging away at copy edits for TSF. Authors gripe about copy edits (or I do) because they are minutely detailed, time consuming, and not very fun. We like creating the story and throwing rocks at our characters and blowing stuff up. We don’t like to worry about where to put the comma.

Which is precisely why I’m so grateful to the copy editor. She keeps me from looking stupid. (I assume “she,” though I could be wrong.) So far this one has kept me from moving Sylvie’s apartment from the Upper West Side to the Upper East Side, and from a character crossing his legs when he’s not even sitting down, which is NOT the suavely casual mental picture I was going for.

Of course, that makes me grouchy at myself for missing that in the first place, which is the other reason, besides the methodical nature of the task of going though all the comments and corrections, which I groan over copy edits.

Still, better that my stupidity remains a secret between me and the copy editor.

Er, and you guys, now that I’ve posted it in my blog.

2 thoughts on “The joy of commas”

  1. Do you think commas and periods think they’re better than, let’s say, hyphens? I bet they do, but of course, in a world where elements of grammar are real breathing things. Hee-hee.Can’t wait for the new book!


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