Infernal Interoffice Communication.

This morning ScrewtapeTweets started following me on Twitter.

It’s unnerving, because I recently posted (I refuse to say "tweeted") about reading that book (one of my favorites) and now I have a middle management demon following me. [I have no trouble imagining Twitter as a method of interfernal communication. Also, I am now imagining The Screwtape Letters written as a series of IM posts. ("very disappointed in u 4 luzing patient 2 NEMY.")]

Considering how often my blog and twitter posts (by and about me) contain the words "demon" and "hell," I’m actually surprised I’m not getting more of a demonic following. Though… with screennames, you never know. I mean, "Screwtape" and "Wormwood" (let alone anything with "ael" at the end) is a dead (ha ha) give away. If I was a demon picking a screen name, it would be something like "fluffibunniluvr" or "lulz_4_puppis".

I mean, five minutes after I posted the word "Nike," Nikestores is following me. It’s happened with Starbucks. If it’s good enough for Corporate American, you know it originated in is good enough for Hell.

I posted about Superstars of Dance, and five minutes later, the ballerina (Russian contestant) was following me. (I actually followed her back, because ballerinas=awesome.) I offended someone with a horse blog/website by pointing out this phenomenon with the word "robot" and that I hoped they weren’t disappointed I don’t post about horses very much. Oops. I think they may have unfriended me.

What would be awesome is if this worked for everything. Like I type "NYT bestsellers" and they started following me. Or "people who love Twilight" and all the people who love Twilight start following me. That would create some buzz, right?

It’s like "The Secret." (One of Screwtape et.al.’s more subtle accomplishments.) The law of attraction for the electronic age. If you post it, they will come.

I just posted about George Clooney. If he friends me, I’ll let y’all know.

3 thoughts on “Infernal Interoffice Communication.”

  1. It might work! I swear the other day I wished for cash on twitter and came home to find $40 cash in my Whole Foods shopping bag. I call it “twishing” when I put something out there in the universe via twitter.


  2. you know it [originated in] is good enough for Hell.Ha! Almost certainly. 🙂 It occurs to me now that I should twitter about more interesting things to see this phenomena in action…


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