Like an Argyle Sock in the Tumble Dryer of Time

I lose time like other people lose socks in the dryer.

For instance, I started this yesterday. Thursday, I should say, because at this rate, who knows when I’ll get it finished.

I realized I’m going to Seattle* next week. There were a bunch of things I wanted to get organized before I headed way up there, and now it’s a week 5 days out. Gah. (Since I’m going for NorWesCon, this didn’t occur to me until one of my readers asked if I was doing something. And then I thought, wow, I should do something. And then suddenly it’s April.)

That said, I got a bunch of things done today, none of which was (yet) work on my actual work. (The evening yawns ahead of me, though, never fear.) Taxes are done (ugh). Books and authorly stuff sent in for RITAs finalist round. (squee!) Played with Mom’s new Kindle. (*covet* It bugs me she got an e-reader before I did. I was going to get one, but… well, I did my taxes. Ugh.)

Didn’t call the doctor for the thing I’ve been putting off for, um… yeah. I mentioned I lose time, right?

Though that might have a little to do with avoidance.

But a lot of it is that when I get involved with something, like, say, writing a book, or even copy edits, or a craft project, I tend to dive into it and emerge much later, surprised that time has elapsed at ALL, let alone so much of it. That’s the good kind of time slip. Then there’s the kind where you don’t really have that much to show for the lapse. Sometimes I think the Internet has some kind of time compression capability.

And some of it I blame on Lizzie. Sometimes, when you’ve got a soft, warm dog on your lap, time does seem to slow down. A recent study said that dogs lower blood pressure and improve your general health. I wonder what it would say about folding the space/time continuum?

*P.S. If you’re in the Seattle area, leave a comment or drop me a note. I may yet set up a coffee-hour or something. I mean, one thing I *know* they have in Seattle is coffee shops.

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