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Grateful but crazy

In keeping with Friday’s post, you will notice that Monday’s post is a day behind. There was some sad stuff going on around me this weekend. Two of my friends–one friend from church, and the other the husband of my BF CAS–lost their mothers. They’ve been on my mind and in my prayers a lot.

I just couldn’t be flippant yesterday. I had been grumpy for completely unrelated reasons, and I was going to post about THAT, but nothing makes you realize you’re grumpy for no reason like hearing someone else’s bad news. It *really* puts someone eating the last of the ice cream into perspective. And, having lost a parent at a (relatively) young age… I don’t know. It made me introspective.

I’ve mentioned that it can be weird living with a parent when you’re an adult. Mom and I are both rather young for such an arrangement. And sometimes I’m not fit to cohabitate with one person (see above re: Mr. RCM eating my ice cream), let alone two. Mom and I are both headstrong and neurotic in completely opposite ways, which of course makes things fun. But I’m glad she’s around, and if her living with me keeps her around longer, then I’m grateful I’m in a position where I CAN take care of her. What’s a little life complication. 🙂 Keeps life interesting.

Now I have to go close my office door and turn up the stereo, because her singing and talking to herself in the other room is driving me crazy. Grateful, but crazy!

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