Con ramblings

I put this in my Twitter last night, but I’ll post it here: Shout out to Sarah and Anna, who came to the con last night JUST to meet me. Y’all are adorable.

I’m already planning a return trip to Seattle/Portland/Pacific NW, and I swear I’ll publicize I’ll do lots of public stuff. Still new to all this, and I don’t think of things like, oh, there are people who will want to meet me. At the risk of sounding disingenuous, I’m still sort of bemused at this idea. Not because I’m not awesome, because I am. But there’s this part of me still not used to people far far away (i.e., people who I have not strong-armed into it) reading my books. I know, I know. It doesn’t make sense. It’s that thing of what your head knows vs. “Hey, someone in Canada has heard of me!”

Also, I’m not getting to see much outside of the hotel yet. I’ve been getting tantalizing glimpses of trees and mountains every time I ride the (glass) elevator. (I did venture out to Denny’s last night with some friends. I think cons are required to pick a hotel within walking distance from a Denny’s. This is in the unwritten Code.)

NorWesCon is different from what I’m used to in Texas. It’s much bigger, for one thing. And the costumes! They tell me I haven’t seen anything yet–Saturday is the big costume day. But there’ve been some gorgeous ones. Lots of faux fantasy renaissance stuff, many brave men in kilts (It’s cold here, y’all.). And lots and LOTS of Steampunk. I love the Steampunk stuff, because I love the Victorian-esque-ness of it. If I wasn’t clinging to some remnant of professionalism, I’d be all over this one corset/vest/jacket thing I saw in the dealer’s room.

As it is, I’m very inconspicuous. A quiet little mouse in my Star Trek sweatshirt that Maggie teases me about. Believe it, it’s true. Though I am…surprise! …in the bar. The coffee bar! But I’m sitting here by myself. Being QUIET and just… observing. It’s kind of fun, actually.

Today I’m paneling on all kinds of social issues. How did that happen? Fantasy as social commentary, gender roles in SFF… oh, and deconstructing the Mary Sue. That’ll be fun. And I’m moderating “Bad Science in Science Fiction.”

Let’s see if I can get the WiFi to work so I can post this. I need a coffee refill so I can go be insightful and brilliant on all these social issues….