Donate My Dress

Okay, so I’m back from Seattle and I have a TON of stuff to share with you guys. Fun stuff that involves terrible pictures of me. You’ll love it. But this came across my google reader this morning, and I had to pass it on while it’s somewhat timely.

Tina Ferraro, who is one of my fellow RITA nominees this year, not only shares an editor with me, but our first books came out on the same day and were both prom related. Is it any wonder I feel some kinship with this author? She’s also just cool. Anyway. Ten Uses for an Unworn Prom Dress is an awesome book, but one of the things it talks about is donating your prom dress (used or unused) to organizations that then recycle them.

We all know that Maggie’s prom dress was destined for nothing but the trash bin after her prom. Fighting demons is hard on dresses. (Though I suspect she MAY have kept it for sentimental value.)

So anyway! Tina posted on her YA Fresh blog the link to Donate My Dress, a site that helps you find local organizations that will find a new home for your special occasion dress after you’ve enjoyed it.

Personally, this is a form of recycling, and I’m 100% in favor. I have gotten some beautiful dresses in resale shops, and even at Goodwill! But even consignment shops (where the seller gets some money for the item) can sometimes be pricey. So my "outgoing" dresses all go to places that find homes for them at little or no cost to the new wearer. I even donated my wedding dress! Why keep that in my closet when it can make someone else feel like a princess! Share the love, baby.

I know a bunch of you will soon have dresses that you partied the night away–whether it’s at prom or spring formals or whatever. Consider passing them on to someone who will love that dress as much as you. And if you go to the YA Fresh blog, you’ll see details on how, if you send Tina a copy of your donation receipt, she’ll send you a signed copy of her book. Didn’t I say she was cool?