Seattle and NorWesCon

Okay, so there was the Con, which I may have mentioned was much bigger and costumier than I’m used to. Which was cool, but I spent part of Friday being really overwhelmed. But the funny thing is, once you do enough panels that you start having people to nod to in the halls, it makes all the difference. Just someone making eye contact. *whew* So Friday afternoon through Saturday night were much less stressful.

(Also, by a certain number of panels, people figured out my sense of humor. I think it’s because I have a rather droll sense of humor, but I have this earnest, Dutch china doll face. It’s kind of like if you give all the wise-cracking Rosalind Russel’s lines to Deanna Durbin. So seriously, I was three panels in before people stopped giving me the "is she joking?" look.)

So anyway. Panels went well. Minimum of foot in mouth, though not-totally without toe-tasting. Met many cool people, authors, readers, and as-yet-unpublished-but-working-on-it writers. That was fun, to get to a completely different part of the country.

I did get out of the hotel some. On Saturday night, I went to the Easter vigil at Saint Mark’s Cathedral. I’m very glad I did. There was an inclusiveness in the congregation that I really liked. It was a much less traditional liturgy which I… expected. What I found interesting was how the details of the service and the setting reflected not just the more liberal and relaxed attitude, but some of the naturalistic atmosphere of the Pacific Northwest. Oh the whole though, it was a moving and joyful service that proved that the Holy Spirit is invoked my a wide range of worship flavors and styles, and regardless of our preferences, it’s good to step out of our comfort zone occasionally and realize that.

So the reason why I went on Saturday rather than Sunday was so I could be a tourist on Sunday. I went–in the rain–on the Seattle by Foot "Coffee Crawl". Seriously. If you go to Seattle, you really should go on this tour. I’m posting a detailed report and PICTURES tomorrow.

Had lunch with my brother-in-law and my niece and nephew whom I haven’t seen in years. They’re both so big! A. is turning into such a beautiful girl. And she’s a reader, like me. So you know I love her. (And J. is adorable, full of being a little brother. They reminded me so much of me and MY brother, it wasn’t even funny. Except it was.)

Monday, my friend and her husband (whose LJ I can’t remember) took me to breakfast at an AMAZING cafe near the University. Then we went to the University bookstore, which was an awesome place. Seriously. And if you’re looking for my books in Seattle–that’s the place to go. Tell them I sent you.

Okay. Ridiculous pictures tomorrow. Or Friday. Need to get caught up with page count.