Teaser Tuesday + Live Chat 2Nite!

Here’s a teaser from the new book, The Splendor Falls, which comes out in September. (From the pre-copy-edited pages so don’t be picky.)

John caught up with me as I was looking for a break in traffic. “What are you doing?” he demanded. Behind him, I saw the doorman staring, like he’d never seen a girl with a broken leg try and cross Fifth Avenue mid-block before.

“I’m going to the Park.” I shivered. It was mid May, and the evening air was still cool.

John fingers gripped the flesh above my elbow. “You can’t wander around Central Park after dark by yourself.”

The fact that my plan seemed perfectly reasonable should have been a sign I was a lot more drunk than I thought I was.

“It’s barely dusk.”

“Your leg is in a cast.”

I looked down, not in surprise, exactly. The throb of my leg was constant, blending into the background of my misery. Then something would remind me, Sylvie, your leg is broken, and the ache came flooding back.

Maybe I had reached that point with my emotions, too. I’d ground through the whole day, and now self-pity and passive aggression weren’t enough to distract me any longer. “I want to go to my dad’s bridge.”

Something must have shown in my face. Tightening his jaw, John stuck out his arm and hailed a cab. He had the knack of a native, but I think it may have been my Day-Glo Orange cast that got results so quickly on a Saturday evening.


Don’t forget! If you’re a reader of the Maggie Quinn series (or even if you aren’t, but don’t mind spoilers), I’m doing a live Book Blog Chat at Bria’s Pages at 9 PM EST. We’ll be talking about the (RITA Nominated) second book in the series, HELL WEEK, and anything else that you want to ask me, as long as it’s not a spoiler for Book 3. (At 9, Bria will post a new entry, then you can ask your questions in the comments, and I will answer. No logging in required.