Q and A Fieldtrip!

Last night was my first live chat with fans/readers. The questions were excellent. Lots were about the book, but mostly how it related to my writing philosophy. Things like: do I consider age and content when writing for YA. How did I handle sending Maggie to college and keep it on the YA shelf. The problem of giving enough backstory from previous books to catch up a reader, without doing an info dump or spoiling the reader if they go back.

There were also HELL WEEK specific questions about the magical elements, the nature of the Sigmas, why sororities, and Maggie and Justin hooking up.

So, if you’ve read PROM DATES and HELL WEEK go here and read the interview and the comments with the questions and my answers. It was a lot of fun. The commenters had very good things to say about writing and books, too. Great group.

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  1. Hey, Rosemary. Don’t know if you read “Reading Rants! Out of the Ordinary Teen Booklists!” blog, but someone blogged your Maggie Quinn series. Whoo!


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