5 Non-Spoilery Things about Star Trek

If you’ve ever seen ONE episode of ST:TOS, you will not be at all surprised or spoiled to know that in the new Star Trek movie:

1) Chekov and Scotty have wonderfully horrible accents. 😀
2) McCoy is a doctor not a [insert any other profession here].
3) The Enterprise is awesome, but does not have seat belts.
4) Spock struggles to balance his human emotions with his Vulcan logic.
5) Kirk gets the crap beat out of him. A lot. And it is awesome.

What else can I say? Don’t come late, because this movie is firing broadsides within the first 30 seconds. It is action action action. Take some Dramamine if you’re susceptible, as I am, to motion sickness. Lots of that handheld camera-style. I didn’t love that, but it added to the frantic, exciting pace of the movie.

Humor, drama, emotion, action. Faithful in spirit to the original, but not slavishly devoted to it. Many in jokes for the fans, but a story that stands on it’s own. McCoy was always my favorite, and he gets some great moments here. Loved New!Kirk and adore New!Spock. Well, *everyone* got a moment to shine–Sulu kicked ass! But the story, as it should, revolved around Kirk and Spock, and the dawning of their relationship. And kicking ass.

When I was a kid, we had Star Trek on every afternoon. My mom was a fan, and I grew up with Kirk, Spock and McCoy as honorary uncles. Their comradeship, that thick and thin friendship, was my take away from that show.

So, here’s the question of the day: Did you watch any of the Treks on TV? Did they affect you growing up? What’s so attractive about those shows? Is it the exploring unknown territory, like sailors of old. Or the comradeship of the crew? Or those spiff uniforms. (Come on. I know there are some jumpsuit lovers out there.)

6 thoughts on “5 Non-Spoilery Things about Star Trek”

  1. I loved it too! Does this mean you went to a midnight showing last night? When I was very young I did see the original on in the afternoon. The appeal for me then was the cool aliens. I wouldn’t call myself a trekkie, but I’d seen enough that I really enjoyed the inside jokes. I’ll see this one again and again. I kind of have a thing for Chris Pine (Kirk).


  2. I have never seen any ST until last night. I knew some of the references because they have infiltrated pop culture as a whole but I was pretty fresh to the entire thing.I really enjoyed the movie. The editing was a little much but I think it’s one of the better movies this year.That being said, the trekkies were laughing a lot. I obviously missed a lot of the “in” jokes. Oh well, that just means it catered for old fans as well as the newbies.Bones was my fave, I love me a tall, cranky man lol


  3. I went to a 10:30 showing last night. Definitely worth it. Fun because it was obviously a lot of people who were fans. Audible squeeing in audience when we got the first glimpse of the Enterprise. It wasn’t JUST me. And yes, Chris Pine is awesome. Very likable. Karl Urban and Zachary Quinto channeled their predecessors a little more closely, but Pine was more in the ‘spirit’ of Kirk. Which seemed perfect logical (heh) given the movie premise.Adele– I’m glad to know that it was enjoyable even without a deep familiarity (and love) for these characters. And yes, exactly. My affection for Bones in the series has turned into more of a crush thanks to this movie. I would follow this threesome through a franchise, most definitely.


  4. I watched TNG growing up, and I like to think that it helped to inspir me to be contemplative, cerebral, honorable, and tolerant.THERE ARE FOUR LIGHTS!!On the other hand, the latest movie just made me love Spock even more.


  5. I watched Next Gen, DS9, Voyager, and Enterprise on TV as they aired — but saw none of them as a kid. I’ve caught a few eps of Classic Trek here and there, but the problem is, while I can intellectually appreciate how amazing they were for their time, emotionally I can’t let go of my more “contemporary” tastes/sensibilities that came from the later shows.BUT. Saw the new movie last night. and really, really enjoyed it. (No spoilers here.) I have to say it’s Karl Urban as McCoy for the win! But I loved how they made Zoe Saldana look a bit like Uhuru (it’s all in the eye make-up). Zachary Quinto as Spock was terrific. New Kirk was fun. Humor, action, and events with real impact. Really, I don’t think there’s much they could have done to make me like it more — and I was against this whole idea in the first place!


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