Book givaway, vampires, and highway sightings.

In honor of the release of Lucienne Diver’s novel Vamped, the Shooting Stars are giving away a whole prize package. There’s a quiz involved, so brush up on your vampire lore, and head over to enter.

The prizes? Signed copies of the aforementioned Vamped, Prom Dates From Hell, by yours truly, and the first book in the Morganville Vampires series, by Rachel Caine. Plus a glow in the dark bumper sticker*, PLUS a Goth trivia board game. I wonder how Lisa would do on that?

I’ll be giving away a copy of Lucienne’s book next week. I was going to do it this week, but though I thought I ordered two copies of Vamped from Amazon (one to keep, of course), I accidentally ordered two copies of this. So, I guess you know what else I’ll be giving away soon.

*Probably similar to the one on Rachel’s car, which is how I identified her when I blew past her on the highway a few weeks ago. True story. We live in the same major metropolitan area. Her car is distinctive in the first place, but the "Morganville" sticker narrowed it down further. I was driving Mr. RCM’s POS Ford, so I was too embarrassed to make a spectacle of myself by honking and waving.

(The Cherokee is pretty distinctive, too, having been through a hard former life as a Ranch Vehicle. There’s a story about how I’d had it a week when a cow leaned against it and made a big dent. Then I dropped a stage platform on the bumper. I also loaded it up with the set for a festival play, and drove all the way to College Station with a giant dragon head on the roof rack. That Jeep has seen some action.)