Awesome Guest Appearance Hotness.

Hey! I keep trying to post this and keep getting pulled away from computer. NOT a productive day so far. Little Willow interviewed me for her blog as part of the Summer Blog Blast Tour. You should go read it, then go read the other authors. (But me first.)

It was a nice chatty interview. 🙂

I finally saw Quantum of Solace. Wow, that’s got some a-freaking-mazing action sequences. These make it well worth watching. Also, Daniel Craig is teh hawt when he’s all glower-y and angst-y. Which is a good thing, since that’s how he is for 99.99999% of this movie.

But I have to say, except for M, who rocks, the Bond reboot really isn’t that much different in its depiction of women than the old one. Even the ones we’re supposed to believe are tough and/or capable are still led to stupidity by their heart, and primarily use sex to achieve their agenda.

Obviously, I should spend less time analyzing motivations and sociological issues and more time enjoying ridiculous action and hawtness. I mean, it’s James Bond. But. You know. I notice these things.

Anyway. Go read my interview. Less hawtness than a Bond babe, but only because you cannot see me in person.

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