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Let Them Eat Cake

Here’s another field trip for you guys: I just discovered this site, which is apparently pretty popular. Late to the party as usual, I guess. (It was a winner of the 2008 Bloggies.)

Since I love the Cake decorating challenges on the Food Network so much (not to mention Ace of Cakes), finding a whole blog full of wonderful and awful (but mostly awful, which is the fun part) cake decorating disasters was a whole MORNING wasted. Howeve, I did learn there’s a name for the kind of cake that I like. A topsy turvy cake.

I’ve always thought they look like something out of a Dr. Seuss illustration, which makes this one just about perfect.

Dr. Seuss Cake (made by The People's Cake for a contest.

(The caption at cakewrecks says this was made by The People’s Cake for a contest. A contest of COOL.

I was getting married again, I would TOTALLY have one, as topsy and turvy as they could make it.

Maybe not this much, though:

But my favorite cake themed discovery on Cake Wrecks has got to be this Lego person re-enactment of Eddie Izzard’s "Cake or Death" bit. Funny as heck anyway, but somehow even more so with Lego People.

So here’s your questions of the day:

Your perfect Event cake: Traditional or Whimsical?

Chocolate or Vanilla (Or other)?

Cake or Death?

(I’ve made myself very hungry… for cake.)

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