Scenic Birmingham

All right, stalkers of the South. Here’s your chance. I’m emerging from my hidey hole and I’ll be…

Book Signing
4 – 6 pm
The Little Professor Bookstore
Homewood, AL (That’s a Birmingham area.)

If you’re in the area, stop by after school or work and chat with me. It’s a charming store.

I’ve been holed up a bit in Chez BFF. Went to see Star Trek again. Watching movies on DVD. Drinking a lot of coffee and tea and chatting.

B’ham BFF and I have known each other a long time. We’ve always lived too far away, but when we were just out of college, with small incomes but no responsibilities, we used to get together with other BFFs any long weekends we could. We’d drink insane amounts of Diet Coke and play RP Games all weekend. Yes, I’m THAT kind of geek. Only, I would never admit this in my workplace. I had a very normal public persona. This is probably pretty hard for people to believe about me now.

But that’s the great part of being (a) at a point in my life where it’s okay people know I’ve always been a gamer, and (b) a writer, which everyone knows is the ultimate roleplaying experience. It’s like gaming: the good parts version. You get all the dramatic parts, but get to edit out the wrong turns and the boring parts where your teammates argue for thirty minutes about the best way around a giant scaled and fanged threshold guardian.

ANyway. Adult responsibilities mean we don’t get the whole crusading crew together much anymore (though B’hamBFF and I are headed up to TN this weekend to collect TNBFF). I know better than to get started play WoW or it’s like, because that would be the END of my productivity. Which is not to say that I’ve given up the dice entirely. They tend to come out when I can’t decide between path A and path B to the next major plot point.

But I do miss the weekends of all night gaming. I suspect a lot of this is nostalgia for that care free time in my life. But some of it is just missing the fun of finding treasure and laughing your (sleep deprived) ass off when the most deserving of your group forgets to check for traps and has to burn one of their lives when they get blown up.

So, question of the day: What beloved hobbies do you think of with nostalgia? Besides my dice throwing days, I also miss playing with Barbies. I love dressing them up, but mostly enacting complicated scenarios and stories with them. (Hm. THere’s a trend here. This is doubtless the appeal of reading The Secret Life of Dolls.)