SoonerCon Schedule

If you’re going to be at SoonerCon in Oklahoma City this weekend, here’s where I’ll be and what I’ll be blathering about. Can’t promise any smackdowns, but there’s always hope.

Oh, by the way. They’ve got me on the schedule as R.C. Moore. That’s what I get for having a name longer than some rural routes. But that’s me, in case you wonder. Because I know you’ll be looking for me on the schedule.

Friday June, 5th

5 PM — Autographs (Yes, very early in the con! Incentive to come early!)

6 PM — Comedy in SF (with: L. Donahue, S. Dean, B. Denton, S. Satterfield, B. Allen)

7 PM — Opening ceremonies

Saturday June 6th

9 AM (to 11AM) Koffee Klatche (with: A Whole Mess of People)

12 PM — Reading (I’m debuting The Splendor Falls, folks. NEW BOOK!)

3 PM — Romance in SF/F (with: J. Kenner, R. Caine, D. Chester. Cool!)

5 PM — Reinventing Genre (with: C. Osborne, D. Wolverton, C. Wolf, L. Donahue)

6 PM — The state of YA (with: R. Caine, J. Provine, B. Hale, D. Chester)

Sunday June 7th

1 PM — Panel with Surprise topic (with: T. Morris, C. Osborne, B. Denton, K. Turski, S. Dean… boy, we are brave. ANYTHING could happen, folks!)