Outfit Challenged

Okay, so I’m setting off for Oklahoma City in an hour and a half and I haven’t packed yet. This is the complete antithesis of my usual packing modus operandi, which is plan everything to the last stitch so I have just what I need and nothing extra lugged along. I’m not sure if this is personal growth or not. Possible it’s because I’ve been traveling so much this spring, I’ve sort of got my Standard Issue Clothing worked out. Jeans and favorite (i.e., reasonably flattering) tees for cons, skirt and jacket for signings, comfy cargo pants for long days… Chances are, if you’ve seen me anywhere the last few months, I will have been wearing one of three outfits. But you know, it DOES make packing easier.

For instance, this outfit…

Which, I guess you can’t really see, but trust me, you probably HAVE seen… is going in the suitcase.

Maybe I shouldn’t be blogging about this. Is it kosher to point out that you wear the same thing all the time? Because probably no one would have noticed otherwise. Or maybe they would. But seriously. Putting things together is not my strong suit. Probably the only thing I envy movie stars is having a stylist, someone to pick out their outfits for them.

(Picture, by the way, is courtesy of who snapped it at The Little Professor in Birmingham, AL. We had the best time at dinner. You should read her book Going Too Far. It is seriously awesome.)

Off to pack! Have a great weekend, and if you’re at SoonerCon, stop me and say "Hi!"