Hot as… well, you know

Summer has arrived in Texas.You can tell because:

1) The YMCA is packed! Packed with kids, packed with soccer moms, packed to the rafters.

2) The yahoos across the street are doing a booming business all day, instead of just after 3 PM. Which is not to say they don’t have people stopping by during the day normally, since I guess if you’re buying pot, truancy isn’t really high on your concerns. But the coming and going has… gone up.

3) The Leaf Blower of Doom is now making weekly appearances. Unfortunately, the neighbor’s lawn service hasn’t picked a day and stuck with it this year. Usually I plan for their visits, and take that afternoon off, or do something that’s not writing. Hopefully they’ll get with the program soon.

4) I had to clean melted lip balm out of the cup holder in the Jeep because I left a stick of Burt’s Bees in the car yesterday afternoon and it liquified.

5) My office is five hundred degrees until 1 pm, when the sun moves to the other side of the house, at which time…

6) I singed my hand on the handle of the back door. Youch.

But here’s something cool:

Beside the Norm Paranormal book reviews has posted an interview with moi on their blog. You can also see their review of Prom Dates From Hell. The reviewer gave it 5 Ghosties! Check it out and leave some comments.

In the interview, I mention that you can follow and/or friend me on GoodReads. This is my new favorite networking site because it’s built around books! Yay!